Monday, September 22, 2008

So I won't forget ..

"I'm a little hunter short and cute.
Here is my bow, Here is my boot.
When I get all worked up then I shoot!"

And I can't come up with the last line. Needs to rhyme with the little teacup song.


Anonymous said...

soooo stolen!! :)


Beowulfa said...

What Para meant to say was that he's gonna steal my idea ..... I have no idea how to delete a comment Para. thus this explanation. And yer welcome to my hunter ditty :D

MamaWau said...

... out of my bow and into their snoot!

pugnaciouspriest said...

I'll shoot you down: and take your loot

I'll watch you fall and then I loot.

ASH said...

Send the cat in and take their loot?

~One Among Many~ said...

"Feign all over, then I'll loot!"

Darraxus said...

search your HK for my loot?

Maebius said...

...things fall down and I yell w00t!

Beowulfa said...

some awesome suggestions ... I shall post the completed version soon.


Jack said...


"I'm a little hunter short and cute.
Here is my bow, Here is my boot.
When I get all worked up then I shoot!
Kill the beastie, skin and loot."

klaki said...

"I'm a little hunter short and cute."

You're a night elf. They are one of the tallest, if not the tallest, races in the game. If you are short, what are gnomes?

Beowulfa said...

Gnomes are midgets.

klaki said...

so if the height scales goes like:

tall (????)
short (night elf)
midget (gnome)

what is tall?! :)

Dammerung said...

Tall Some Demonkinds, Ogres, some Naga(male) and Giants.

Huge would be Void Reavers.

Night elves seem to be very middling in size when compared with all the races in game. Not small but not tall.

Sides girl nelfs are tiny.

Jack said...

"If you are short, what are gnomes?"

Hor's deouvres?

Shrinn said...

Shoot u in the arse if u ninja my loot!

Shrinn said...

Actually, the Dreanei are the tallest in the game for allies

sunjun said...

It is composed of board style general assembly line, electro-motion dolly of conveyor, solid line and fixture, and so on.