Monday, September 22, 2008


I'm trying to decide if I should keep my random blog thoughts together or if I should simply make 3-4 posts on days when I have multiple thoughts.

The mixed one has the advantage of a single place to go to read that days thoughts. The divided one allows commenters to only comment on the idea they want to talk about.

Today I went with the multi-post for the reason you see directly above. But in this last post I'm going to combine a few ideas.

Breana responded to my Focus post and let me know that my Focus was just relaxing and letting the good times roll. :P That may be. I'm still pretty thrilled that she saw my post and replied. GLDC isn't one of the blogs I regularly have corespondence with and so she still has that air of a Celebrety**. As opposed to someone else. Who is now you know... normal and well normal. I mean...normal job, normal someone distracting her from blogging, normal creepy guy next door, kinda thing.

Just to be clear I wasn't very worried about anyone in my WoW circles going nutso and shoving me kicking and screaming into a life of clearly defined focus. I had a short talk with a guildie when the article was mentioned and he quickly talked me down out of my tree that I had chained myself defiantly to. There was booms and chanting and riots but we're all good now.*

I was going to do links to GLDC and NormalGirl but then I said no no I'm lazy. And then I said hey man thats not cool they link other people you should too. So HERE you GO. Guess who is who. I'm sure you'll be thinking a long time.

My face has been semi-numb on and off today. I googled "face and skull numbness and tingly" and decided I have multiple scelerosis, bells palsy, alzhemers, various brain contusions****, and possibly Ebola Leprosy Cancer*****. Ishvi says if my face isn't droopy and I'm not dying then its probably all in my head. I paraphrase. But now that I've paraphrase I rebutt: "Of course its all in my head. Thats where my skull and face are".

Sigh. I wonder if I could say "Hire me to hang out at your workplace and drink coffee for 80k a year because my daughter is cute". If I had the forsight to bring pictures and the right company owner I KNOW I could get away with this.

Anyways. Thats the temporary end to my ramblings. This post turned out way better than I thought it would. I'm rather pleased. One of these days I hope to be like Tycho and simply be able to drum up awesome word-craft at the drop of a hat. Some people may not agree with me but I know that he is awesome.

*He's gonna read this and boggle cus our conversation was "I don't like focus" "Yeah thats cool man yer good".

**And you thought I could spell? I refuse. Celebrity is such a stupidly french*** word anyways.

***French words are the words I have troubles pronouncing(please see melee and rural). So I have decided that all words that are hard to spell are French words too.

****I can't spell doctor terms either. Ha. And I want to be an engineer.

*****You know it exists. In some dark forgotton corner of Dallas people suffer from this and die horribly because they don't have pink-tasting-anti-biotics.

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