Thursday, September 25, 2008

Totally random

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

It takes me-wait, you ready?-1 minute. I'm serious. I've heard of people who takes upwards of an hour to get their game face on. That boggles my mind. I think-maybe-my wedding day makeup session lasted that long.

I wash the face. I put anti-wrinkle cream on (my mum says it's never too early to start). I put my Loreal Bare Natural powder foundation stuff on, and I'm done. If I'm going somewhere special I put on my blush that's so light you can't really tell it's there and my bare chestnut eyeshadow that adds just a hint of color. Then I'll add my neutral lipstick that I end up rubbing off because I can't stand wearing the stuff.

If you'll notice it's all neutral. I have a deep-rooted horror of bright makeup. I've seen too many women forget to put on makeup and look simply ghastly because their makeup wasn't enhancing what they had but covering it up. I guess that means I'm averse to heavy makeup as well .... which was a point of contention with my professional makeup person for my wedding. We had established that it had to look like I wasn't wearing makeup-I didn't want the real me and the wedding photo me to clash too much-and she started layering on the foundation. I protested, and she wisely pointed out that it was needed for photographs ... bah humbug. It was an immense release to wash all that stuff off.

Today, however, I felt the urge to buy something not neutral. So I wandered over to the Loreal section (I just prefer their stuff) and picked out a rather dark quad of violet eyeshadow. I put it on, expecting to be overwhelmed, and I can barely see the stuff. Looked good, just not vibrant like I had thought.

I do have a point, although this post is random.

We went shopping last week. I wanted to buy myself a real, fits-me-perfectly jacket. I actually have never had a new jacket nor one that fit perfectly-it was all hand-me-downs and Walmart. We found a really nice leather one (probably not real, but it looks neat) and we were walking towards the checkout aisle when I saw the men's shirts.

I've been wanting to revamp Damm's wardrobe for ages. He consented to try stuff on.

I think the startled, slightly lustful looks he got after displaying each shirt was sufficient enough that he'll never go back to his old style (baggy jeans, baggy t-shirt, baggy sweater that I really want to throw away ...).

I've felt the urge to pack away my teenagerish t-shirts (Tinkerbell FTW!) and bring out my professional/hot looking clothes.

My point, at long last: We're coming out of hibernation. The past 2 years it's not mattered what we wore-we didn't know anybody, didn't go out. But I'm about to start working again, we're going back to school, just exciting stuff. It almost feels like coming alive again. Heck, I was in the mood for painting my nails. The last time I wanted to do that was back in TX. Damm and I will be able to go out on dates. Maybe even to someplace nicer than Taco Bell (our town is very limited in culinary choices, all the nicer restaurants are an hour away).

And that's what I've been thinking about this morning.


Leiandra said...

I can't believe I'm going to comment on this. lol. I was dumbfounded to find out that one of my co-workers takes 2 hours to get ready every morning! Granted, she relaxes, drinks her coffee, but still... that's at least an hour and 45 minutes more that I could be sleeping in the morning.

Softi/Marylin said...

Wow... I actually could have written that post myself! I don't take long to get ready, and I've also started to bring out the hot momma/business clothes as I've just got a new job!

Isn't it great to start feeling like the old you again? I feel like my fire has been re-lit. :)

sunjun said...
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ASH said...

Not commenting on the text itself, but based on the comments, you have a japanese spammer hiding in here.

Beowulfa said...

Yeah Ash we do .....