Monday, September 22, 2008

Game thoughts

It is funny going back to old games and realizing how much I have changed in the last 4 years.

I cannot stand loading screens anymore. Long waits every few minutes so you can "zone"? Bah get lost. But I remember thinking this was perfectly normal back when I played FFXI.

Camera. Please please let me controll the bloody camera. I spent a good deal of time this weekend playing Jade Empire and cursing the developers for their choice of camera angle/controlls.

Cutscenes. I used to love cutcenes. Now I wish violently for a "speed up the dialog button". But I recall thinking that about most bioware games so that may just be them.

Grinding. My tolerance for just sitting and grinding out xp on mobs had evaporated. Back when I was single and had all day I didn't mind killing bufflegipples all day for 10 xp a pop so that I could level 4-5 times. Now? I don't have time to grind. If it isn't direct story plot... I don't do it. I would never have get Lulu's Ultimate weapon if I played FFX today.

I still like just killing things.... I just no longer will do so if I'm only doing it for an end goal. Playing a level over and over again because I enjoy the controls of the game... still doing. Playing it over and over again so my favorite character can get their best weapon? No.

Lack of Multiplayer. I love my single player games. Oh I do. But I no longer live a singleplayer life. If I can't co-op then why bother? Really?

JUMPING. I better be able to jump. Even if it doesn't get me anything.

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