Friday, September 26, 2008

I shouldn't read comments in WI I know better...

I wonder what effect it would have on WoW if you removed the randomness of loot drops.

Would the same raiders who complain about pvp gear being "easy" to get complain if they knew all they had to do was kill Bossa and their T7 Helm would drop? No chance, we simply -know- it will happen. Yay now all the raiders can be geared out on their first run. Then they can simple kill the bosses again because its fun to raid. Much like how the PvP'ers go back and play arena even after getting a full S5 set.

Or maybe we should change the pvp gear. Instead of S5 costs 10k arena points... you would have: "Spend 10k arena points for a random chance at -some- piece of S5". Then everyone could be happy. We'd all live and die by a random number. Yay we're all equally hard dice rollers. We can all participate in the activity we want and only hope we get rewarded for it. Yeah that would be exciting.

Why blame the pvp/arena gear? Why not blame the drop system? I have heard people say "Blizz forces me to pvp". No they don't. You just don't want to wait on a whole lot of random dice rolls just so you can have a chance at killing a boss to wait on some more random dice rolls.
You would rather complain that you decided to spend your time playing a portion of the game that you don't enjoy so that you could get a good reward that didnt' require chance(the dice roll), coordination(the scheduling), and 24 other people to get. This portion of the game only requires time.... and a large portion of it at that, because you decided that because it was "easy" you didn't have to try very hard. Which makes it take more time for you and those who get to play with you.

Oddly if you spent your immense amounts of time working with those 24 other people I mentioned its likely that you could gear up faster hoping on that random generator. But no worries, I understand. Some people just like to complain.

So, I really really wish that Blizz would be so kind as to guarantee drops. Then we could all be happy right? We could all know exactly what needs to happen for us to get our gear.

Oh we don't want it like that? Oh thats cool then lets wish for the random chance at S5. So we can all suffer the RNG together. /mutter.

Oh wait we're not really complaining about the system are we? We're whining because we're dissatisfied with life and are boring people who are bored. We can't find another game to play thats better than WoW but we're tired of playing it. So we'll sit and whine all day online.


Leiandra said...

While I agree with you... you know you're going to get lynched, right?

Gwaendar said...

2007 just called, it wants its welfare epics debate back :)

Dammerung said...

Oh hell, I know that Gwae :p. I just read the comments and bleaurgh spit out my reaction to this.


Although it would be interesting to see how badly it would break things if all possibe loot dropped the first time you killed a boss.

klaki said...

yet another lame joke about a particular time period or person calling wanting something back. those got old a long time ago.

anyway. i would love to have bg gear be random... that would be sweet! i also think that all arena gear should have a better ranking requirements. that would reduce the "lets just play 10 games real quick" crowd, and let people actually work for good stuff.

i personally think the pvp system in wow is awful. i'm hopeing that the new land in Wrath makes it better. i also play wow for pve mainly. if i really want a pvp game, i'd play warhammer.

Dammerung said...

Sadly Klaki I'll have to disagree with you here.

I love WoW pvp, as soon as I hit the level cap(80) I will be gearing up for Arena and trying to setup a team with moon and ish and wulfa.

Although sometimes I wish there was an option where you could get xp from battlegrounds. I'd love to grind battlegrounds instead of doing quests.

Fish said...

That would be great, if you could just pick from a list of boss drops, would never happen. I honestly don't understand the raiding mindset.

You know what would be spiffy? if BOP was per account and not per character, just for dungeon drops, not quest loot. That way we wouldnt be sharding most everything when we run for fun.

Gwaendar said...

As far as I'm concerned I'm still in favour of full tokenization of all boss loot (and without that 3-class token BS, too), added to badges. That way, you will get something off each boss no matter how, and a chance at a piece of loot you can reclaim right after the run. I think that's a good compromise.

Regarding the BtA loot (Bind to Account), they're just starting with the concept, wonder how far they will take it a year after Wrath has launched.

those got old a long time ago.

Your point? Sometimes an overused meme conveys a meaning far better than a long essay.

Shrinn said...

Dammy....XP in BG' brain box can't compute! How the hell would i leave my 19 & my 29 that age?
You know, I often hear the Steely Dan song, "Hey 19" when I bg playing in my head! lolz