Monday, February 28, 2011

Things I've written for school recently.

Personal Values

I was tasked with writing out the personal values that I live by. This wasn’t a simple task for me. I had never sat down and written them out before. In fact, looking back at my life, I do not think I had ever even thought about them before. So, when given the task I found myself a bit off kilter. I spent the next few days using whatever free time I had thinking, “What have I been living by?” “What factors have dominated my reasons for doing something?” Eventually I came up with the following values and descriptions. These four statements are primarily what drive me.

Do your duty.

If you are given a job; do it. If you have a responsibility; fulfill it. Don’t shirk your tasks. Matt 21:28-32

Support your family.

This is whatever family group you may have: Your unit, your workplace, your friends at the bar, your actual family. If someone talks bad about them, defend them. If they are in a fight, fight on their side. If you are fighting with your family don’t let it show to outsiders. If they need help, give it. 1 Timothy 5:7-9

Don’t be afraid.

Do not let fear stop you from doing something. If it is something that you would do if there was no fear then do it if there is fear. Fear should never be a deciding factor. Joshua 1:9

Don’t cause trouble for others.

Don’t stir up trouble in your community. Do not pick fights. Nothing is more annoying than someone who is always looking for a way to get people fighting or get people upset. Proverbs 6:16-19.

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