Thursday, March 20, 2008

A sad, sad day .....

Although we Green Poxers had many successes last night in the WC today we are not celebrating. We are in mourning. Why Wulfa? you ask? It's Elips. He has left us.

I know, I know, my gentle readers. You want to know why. You start to ask questions.

"Was it you, Wulfa? Did you tell him he was smelly one too many times? Or maybe it was Abuto-did she backstab him? Did Raaksi put his totems too close for comfort? Or maybe Trif-naw, it wasn't Trif. He's cutie-itchy butt. Why? why did he leave?"

It wasn't for any of those reasons. In fact his reasoning was rather boorish. You see, somehow Elips had captured the fancy of a VERY attractive Blood Elf lady. And in the interest of keeping her love for him alive (haha, 'cause he's not. alive.) he decided that he needed to spend more time with her. Very wise, if you ask me. Don't know what she sees in him, smelly as he is, but who can tame the heart? So he is currently wooing his ladylove and cannot, alas, run free with us. And who is to say that he is not better off? So that is why, dear readers. We have mourned his passing, we have cried on his shoulder (and then very delicately sprinkled a bit of perfume on him). We have given him hugs, we have made him welcome to come back to us should he ever wish it. And that is that. The Green Pox will never be the same. We'll miss you, Elips!

On a brighter note let me tell you of our success. We downed 3? 4? bosses and only wiped once. Lady Anaconda was sooo yawnish that some of us fell asleep. All of us (except Elips, who passed on everything) gained a blue. We all dinged 17. And I enjoyed it immensely. And Dammy, if you wish to record Trif's experiences/feelings/thoughts/emotions, here is a great place to do it ----->

Ignoring for now the poetic license someone took with Elips' reason for leaving.... We did really well last night, sleep was the biggest reason for anyone dying, and even that was much less of a problem than I thought it would be. We killed Lord Pythas, Lady Anacondra, Lord Cobrakhan, Skum and Kresh before logging. I picked up the lovely awesome Vest of the fang or whatever its called. Abuto got a new dagger, Wulfa got robes, and Raaksi got a new shield.

Casters... Are...A....Pain. I really wish I had a way of mitigating magic damage, but thats just me complaining. I've gotten better about not taking ages to pull and marking things I think. I also think I've improved my ability to keep agro(Or maybe my dpsers have simply gotten awesome). Very few things pulled off of me last night. Lots of things surprise joined the fight though.

All in all. A good night. We're going to miss you Elips. You made a great weed whacker, punmaker, fearlaying, dpsbringing, offtanking, jokecrackin, machine. Have fun in your endeavors.

And Wulfa's out. No rest for the beautiful. Sigh. Everyone wants me. I know, I know, the hassle. The inconvenience. But what can I say? My fans need me.



Rabbit Stew said...

For Elips!

Oh gosh, my little undead co-patriot. good luck out there...

and HUGE congrats to the Green's on their success in the Wailing Caverns....woo hoo

and Wulfa...don't you dare sprinkle perfume on me...I like myself au natural and smelling a bit of grave dust.

gamedame said...

Once Raaksi gets Grounding Totem, casters are gonna be very hampered. Also, he can use Earthshock Level 1 to stop them in mid-cast. Tough if you're the primary healer, I know, but we'll figure that out as we go. Lastly, you Tauren dudes need to use WAR STOMP FTW!!! Very very nice in the stop-spells department. Also, Abuto is learning to be very effective in using Kick and Gouge to stop those buggers in mid-cast. The cooldown on those two is compatible so when one is off the other is usually ready. We are gonna ROCK.