Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Setting up the Trap... the cheese is buggy.

And for my third post today I'm deffinitly changing the layout of the blog. I want something a little brighter.

Also I've been playing around with httml tags.. like "&nsbp". The problem is that once I finish editing the post and lining everything up(which takes a LONG time using that tag) if I try to go back into it after publishing it removes the tags and replaces them with blanks...which when I republish after my changes will be deleted.

I want my spaces to stay dang it!

Thank you.
Edited to say that "[pre][/pre]" worked.

Also http://twoandahalforcs.wordpress.com

Go there and tell me what you think! I'm pondering the wordpress stuff again.


Nasirah said...

First of all, I'm fairly certain that you need to close off that tag with a semi-colon, so that we don't see the "nbsp" before each bit of info in that previous entry.

Also, you might try playing around with table commands instead, since that seems to be the effect you want.

I'm by no means an HTML expert, and it's been AGES since I did anything with it, so even the stuff I do remember is probably horribly outdated by now, so if I'm wrong, forgive me. I also have no idea why Blogger removes that bit of HTML coding when you go in to edit later.

Dammerung said...

Bleh... it shows up?

It doesn't when I view the site... dang it.

So I'll try " "... one moment.

Dammerung said...


Using [pre] stuff [/pre] where [ = < works great.

Rabbit Stew said...

Site looks crisp and nice....like the new lay out.

@wordpress: I love "gurglebutt"

Daxenos said...

awwwwww....I liked the old background. What was that, parchment? Anyways, I just figured I'd provide the negative feedback that you're looking for...lol.

Dammerung said...

Yeah it was Parchment. Wulfa liked it too. But...but! I needed change.

We will probably go back at somepoint. We'll see.