Monday, March 17, 2008

A big link to the bare facts in butt form

BBB, bless him summed up my thoughts on WoW in this awesome eyeopener.

My wife and I play WoW because we find it fun to play together. *I* play wow because it saves me money I would spend constantly on the next new thing.

I remember very clearly my first experiance with a 'short' game. Beyond Good and Evil came out and had the option of playing in spanish. At the time I very badly wanted to play a game in a different language so that I would start to learn that language. Me and my brother picked it up and started it. 8 hours later we were done...and immensly frustrated. The game ended so quickly. Other games had as well but this was the first one I had ever finished in one day.(Normally the 8hours is 3 weekday nights.)

WoW and other MMORPG's are amazing in that they have seemingly endless content, huge worlds full of story, and they cut my game bill from 30-60$ a month to 13.99 or what ever the three month rate is.

Go read BBB's article he makes this point more succintly that I would. But yeah... this is a good time.

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