Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Trap and the Cheese.

I played a round of AB last night as a small test to give me an idea of what I'll be using.

And I wrote a dear-abby letter to one of the Grandmasters of pvp and pvpblogging.

The results?

A deep and abiding shame that I had not been using Tremor totem. A new look at purge, and a rework of my pvp hotkey bar.

Here is what the bar will look like(the lower ability is shift modified):

1 2 3

LHW Purge ES
HW Purge(Focus) ES(Focus)

4 5 6(Z)

LS Flame Shock Set Focus
GW Frost Shock Target Focus

7(F) 8(G) 9(X)

Chain Heal Two Hander WF Totem
Chain Light Frost Shock Grounding

0(MMUP) -(MMD) =(MM Click)

Tremor Mana Flametongue Totem
Earthbind PR Totem Magma

So I have 1-9 accessable easily by my left hand and 10,-,= tied to the middle mouse button.

I think I'm really set to go. Still need to complete the ferales quest for the Will of the [something] blue 2hander but then its BG's for me.

Sorry for the long posts one after another but opposite of TJ work gets slow for us during Tax season.

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