Monday, March 17, 2008

"Um, Darktan? What does the first Rat get?"

The Plan!
A while back Megan left me a comment or replied to one of mine on her blog saying that level 49 was a good level for Enh. Shaman PvP. Based on this and the fact that I'm a -little- worn out from leveling 3 times in the last three nights I've played Dammerung. I plan to stop and farm me up an axe or two.

I've looked and as far as I can see these axes are -amazing- for an enh shaman. 2.9 speed. High dps.... yummy. Also Thottbot doesn't show any major upgrades from them for at least 5 levels. Which is also nice.

The curious.
So I wondered whether a 2hander would be better for PvP than dual wielding. Seeing as I will probably be jousting a lot anyways as a melee person would it be worth it to equip a big 2hander and pray for a WF-Proc? Or should I stick with my dual axes and their +6% hit? Both would get unleashed rage and flurry.

The gear.
My gear is highly lacking in Stm at the moment which if I was planning on staying 49 for any longer than it takes to get ~31k honor and 40 AB marks would be a big issue.

Also my gear is very under-leveled due to my server hating me. But this may actually turn into a good thing as the matching program will hopefully see it and stick me with the losers.

The Spec.
So I'm currently specced like this(and apparently in a guild...bleh need to gquit... stupid charter signing things). Any make or break talents I should consider grabbing?

The Battle Plan.
Throw mana(water),stoneskin(earth),WF/GoA(Air) totems everywhere... ES casters, FS everyone else, try and stay in melee with things as long as possible, Magma totems for sneakies. Improved ghost wolf... chain heal on groups... hope for a warrior/rogue in the party so I can share unleashed rage(+8% AP right now).

Putting WF on main hand and frost on off-hand if dual wielding... Just WF if 2handing.

Yeah I think that's everything.

p.s. Beowulfa here is the bow I was talking about. 20 marks and 15300 honor.

p.s.s. Changed title to reflect something I like. Quote isn't exact.

Okay just spent an hour or two researching Enh. Shaman pvp. Some things I'm definitely going to need:

1) A good shield, and a gear swapping macro. Shift for shield no shift for dual wield or 2hander.

2) A macro to set focus and modifying all of my normal hot keys to allow me to [shift]-cast at the focus.

3) A possible respec to this or if I stick with dualwielding, this. The shield block will be handy and it looks like you don't need +hit in BG's.

Oh and obviously more stamina like I mentioned earlier but I can wait on that. The stuff above I'll need simply to be playing my class. I'm trying not to be a bad-pvp person.

So far the DW vs. 2hander debate seems to be player choice.

As for role I will be a cloth-hunting machine, with healer protection duties. I'll find a clothie of my own and keep them alive by drawing agro to myself then shielding to keep myself alive. If the clothie isn't under attack I'll hunt down other clothies.

Still looking for more tips but in the meantime researching on my own.

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Nibuca said...

My focus macro:
/focus [target=mouseover]
/stopmacro [target=mousover, exists]
/clearfocus [target=mouseover,noexists]

Mouseover someone, hit this macro. Sets them as your focus.
Mouseover nothing, hit this macro. Clears your focus.

An example of casting on your focus with shift and on your target without.

/cast [modifier:shift, target=focus] Earth Shock
/cast Earth Shock