Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What an enhancement shaman looks for.

In a party.
A warrior tank. These guys love WF totems. All tanks love totems but there is more love from a warrior for WF then from a druid for GoA. If I was resto... I think paladins would love Mana Tide just as much.

Melee DPS. I'm at my best the more people I have swinging pain-sticks around me. Hello rogues/warriors/paladins/enh shammies.

Someone to heal... don't really care who. All of you healers bring a lot of nice to the table.

In gear.
Str! Attack Power! Agility! Crit stuff! Stamina! Right now in pre-BC gear thats all you got...and thats what I want in that order. Too bad that STR seems to be reserved for those plate people who hate me.

Slow Axes/Maces/Fists. The slower the better. Those level 60 PvP 2.9 axes make me drool.

In a guild.
Much like a party I'm looking for a guild full of people who blossom near me and my totems and my unleashed rage. This means you Warriors! Rogues! I want a guild heavy on the melee, light on the blasty. Then I'll be contributing a bunch when I'm involved and I'll feel and be needed. Which is important.

In a Kara group.
And here I design my perfect 10 man team. Lets see if I've gotten any better than I used to be.

Warrior Main tank
Enh Shaman(me)
Combat Rogue
BM Hunter(Wulfa)
Fury Warrior

Resto Shaman
Survival Hunter(Imp. HM, Expose Weakness)
Boomkin(I think Imp. Fairie fire is balance)
Druid offtank.(no reason I just like them druids)

So I feel like is a bad setup(Because I reflexivly think I'm lacking magic power. I can't think of any reason to have magic users just to have maic users but I still have this feeling lurking)...however I like it. I think that it is a setup that gets a lot out of what I have to bring to the table(extra melee blows and str and increased AP). The resto shaman would be chain healing the melee a lot. The priest handling the rest. I put the BM hunter with my group so that the pet gets unleashed rage. The debuffs have a lot of stacking potential. Almost all of them reduce armor or increase attack power.

We're light on the healing not sure exactly what to do to fix that. For adds, we've got two good CC, and a boomkin(who can offtank just fine). I had heard you needed two tanks for Kara so the Druid tank is that second tank. It could just as easily be a paladin or warrior. Do you need three healers? If you do change out the Boomkin for a holy paladin or a resto druid.


Stale said...

Unless that Kara group was insanely overgeared, you would be destined for failure.

With you and wulfa, this would be a better group:

Prot Warrior
Feral Druid
Enhance Shammy
BM Hunter

Holy Priest
Holy Pally
Shadow Priest
Warlock or Another Healer if needed

Our insanely OP runs are more like:
Prot Pally
Fury Warrior

Holy Priest
Holy Pally
Shad Priest
and 2 undergeared DPS that we can give all the crap too while we farm badges and wait for Lights Justice to drop for me :)

Dammerung said...

Why would having a
Shadow Priest/
Pally Healer
work better than

Fury Warrior/
Survival Hunter/
Shaman healer?

I'm not arguing, I'm curious what the others bring to the table that my group doesn't?

I was thinking that a holy paly and a resto shaman are about the the same in terms of healers.

The Resto Shaman would bring Mana Tide(3% mana regen ever 6 seconds) which would be comparable to the SPriest's mana regen aid.

The Survival hunter would CC as well as a mage and add decent dps.

I was also under the impression that Fury and boomkin could dps as well as anyone.

I know the Fury's dps would be a -lot- higher than normal with the setup I mentioned as he would have 20% of the Survival hunter's agi as attack power, +10% AP from me, +WF which I believe boosts warrior dps by 30% or so, +a decent AP boost from Imp Hunters mark + less defense from the mob(fairie fire) + any defense down the prot warrior can lay out. As for Boomkin dps I had always considered them just a different form of mage.

Dammerung said...

The same as the rogue dps and my dps would increase.

And the warrior tank's threat would go up as he also depends on a lot of melee for threat.

And BM give a 3% dps increase to all party members.