Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Best Widdler on the Heavy Widdling squad!

*reads Matticus' comment the way it was intended*

/quietly converts the meaning into something else all together.

/responds indignant!

Womanly SHAMMY? I don't think so! The Shammy is a MANLY shammy! Full spiders and puppy dog tails and stuff!

Don't get him confused with that hunter chick! She smells like flowers and girly hunter stuff. He smells manly! Like a half dead kodo in a sewage pipe! Rawr totems and axes! In your face growling!

GRRR... priests. Can't even tell which Orc wears loincloth in the family. Now excuse me I need to go ask if I can have my allowance.

/flexes in a manly way!

p.s. thanks for something to post about.... it was a slow brain day.


Rabbit Stew said...

Why is that the smell of musk in the air?

And to add to the argument: those totems seem very phallic. They are basically screaming "I am male!!!"

/my apologies to all the female shaman out there.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I think Matticus was responding to my angst on Wulfa's post about "who are you as a blogger"... and I babbled about a shammy blog. So, I don't think he was talkin smack in your direction. :D

Dammerung said...

Shush you! Slig is male too!(whew I lucked out on that fact)

That means I"m still right! Always! and stuff!

Sides I deliberately missinterpreted it for to have something to post.