Friday, March 21, 2008

GTT(Gone To Tanaris!)

We're off for vacationing! Blogging should be sparse until monday 3/31/08.

In the meantime I leave you with this idea I had for WotLK shaman talents and totems:

Totemic Revenge[Elemental]
When attacked and destroyed your totems do 100%/200% of the mana cost to create them as Nature damage against the person destroying them.

Spirit Totems[Enhancement]
This spell allows the next totem you create to be catagorized as a Spirit Totem. Allowing you to have 5 totems up at a time.

Mercy of Life Totem(Water)[Restoration]
This totem lasts 2 min or until its charge is used up. The first person who drops below 30% of their health within the radius of this totem will recieve an autocrit max rank healing wave at no mana cost to you. Talents and +healing apply.

Chains of Earth(Earth)
This totem binds the first hostile that enters its radius. Once bound they cannot leave the radius of the totem for 20 seconds or until the totem is destroyed. Trinkets do not work on this totem as totems are easily destroyed.

Call of Sky(Air)
This totem raises(not throws) everyone in its radius up into the air to a maxium height of 30 yards. The raising is quick(10yds a second) but not instant. Duration 6 seconds. While in the air you can cast/fight but not move. This applies to the caster as well.


Megan said...

Have a great break.

Anonymous said...

A totem that shoots my foes up into the air? Sure why not! What if I used the piccolo while they were up there? Would they dance in mid air? haha, that'd be great!


Hope you guys are having a good trip.