Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm a horrible son.

So... my mom came over right? To watch the munchkins while I went to Cal II. Something she does for free cus I'm her son and she loves me and stuff.

And how do I repay her? On the way out the door I pipe up: "Hey mom we made some low sugar cookies and they are by the fridge. You and the little ones can share."

I walk to the car and get the door open before she screams for me to come back in.

You see those cookies... they were peanut butter....

And she's like ... allergic like death....

Yay for a two hour ER visit as repayment for watching the kids.

I suck.

(She's okay and everyone is happy and she's forgiven me but yeah... I suck)


bobreaze said...

accidents happen. Guilty concience last for a little while but it will ease. I scratched the side of my dads new truck. Needless to say after i repayed him for the damages my guilt went away.

Cap'n John said...

Oy! Glad to hear she's okay!