Friday, July 25, 2008

A Beautiful Thing ....

Fal, Xiliah, Eustace, and Gaddrick (oh and me!) went through SL. First time for Eustace, second time for me (first time through as a 70 for me). We wiped twice (and don't let Fal tell you it was his fault-it wasn't-there were 5 of us out there!) but all in all it was a beautiful run. AND the Sonic Spear dropped. *Claps hands* I shall now be bankrupting myself to get it enchanted. The spear actually hit caps me-and I didn't think I'd be saying that anytime soon. Through a combo of gems, the Felstalker set + hit rating, a head enchant from the CE, and now this spear, I'm actually 8 over. Woot! And because I'm a curious person I asked Fal to show the damage meter. I'm pleased to report that Wulfa was #1 with Xiliah and Eust following close behind. And *sniff* Boru was 5th! I'm so proud! *wipes tear from eye* The most exciting thing of the evening (apart from the spear) was that I successfully chain trapped. I've been feeling a bit shaky and it was great to have my confidence restored-although those Kara mobs break the trap way too early. But there's not a whole lot I can do about that (aside from speccing survival and getting the Beast Lord set). And I really need to sleep more. I'm coming up on a week of getting 6.5 hours which is not enough for me. I blame my brain-once that alarm goes off it starts thinking, and it's all downhill from there.

To extend the length of this post which was supposed to be much longer but was shortened because I'm short on sleep and I'm already looking forward to the nap I'm taking this afternoon so I won't fall asleep in the middle of Kara (sorry Nas for the run-on sentence), I'm going to share a cute Orclette story:

Orclette's great-grandmother bought her this very bright, very loud toy phone. There is no off button unlike some of her other toys :( and there are different settings-i.e. a song setting, counting, and animal. She really likes the phone (me, not so much). So I was playing with the phone alongside her, talking into the reciever and then handing it to her, trying to get her to say hi. It wasn't working, or at least I thought it wasn't. She would periodically grab the phone and chatter into it. Eventually I realized that she was mimicking me-because I was doing this over and over and over and over I was repeating "Hello!" and "What are you doing?" And the Orclette was saying "Hawoo" and something that sounded like "What are you doing" but I'm not sure what exactly she said. I squealed in excitement, she looked at me like I was nuts, and grabbed the phone away again, put it near to her ear, and once again said "Hawoo." Is that not cute? :)


Daxenos said...

Gratz on the Spear! BRK will be so jealous!


ArmsandFury said...

When they begin talking it is so great!!!

Connor, my 2 year old, can't quit get a couple of words out properly yet but the funniness is great.

"Daddy, can you melp me?"

"Sure, what do you need melp... er help with?"

Will said...

My main is a hunter, my alt is a feral druid. So last night I had a druid guildie, resto, that needed the idol off the first boss. Cool, no pressure, easy and fun run. Grabbed some other guildies, including a feral druid that has never been there, and off we go. The excitement was palpable. I had been there many times and my bro in law, a hunter, had been there many times as well. No worries. We had some really stupid pulls, cough my fault, and pulled through the whole thing without a hitch. We had a couple of deaths, i.e. 2, but no issues other wise. We get to murmur and don't you know the staypuff marshmallow man drops sonic spear.....and I sharded it! /huff

Grats on yours though, would have payed money to buy another hunter for the loot though.

Will said...

I should also have said that I was on my druid and tanking.

waupeople said...

And so it's raining today ... and I'm wondering what the orclette is doing?