Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm tired, so this might be rambly ....

I'm back! Who missed me? :D Before I get started, I'd like to mention that I have an addendum (I think that's the right word) to my name. Henceforth, I shall be known as "Wulfa, the little cashier person." That's what the group of good-looking young men called me as they did the posing/showing off routine (not sure I'm using the right phrase but hopefully you know what I'm talking about). Well, not the Wulfa part. And I was rather excited that apparently I'm still cute!

As you probably know, the Orclette and I were at a conference all last week. Solo tanking was exhausting. My mom would've helped but as long as I was within eyeshot the Orclette threw fits if anyone but me was holding her. We had a tense first night in the cry/toddler/nursing mother's room when the Orclette walked up to the other little tykes, belly to belly, then took their toy. She settled down after that and played quite nicely the rest of the week. My mom noticed that she was saying "thankyou," or rather, "da-doo" when she would give or take a toy, so all my efforts of being polite so she would be polite have paid off! I stood out all week as the conference, thrown by Answers In Genesis, i.e. Intelligent Design rather than evolution/theistic evolution/etc., was attended mainly by homeschooler/church types and 75% were strictly in skirts and jumpers. I was the ONLY one with visible tattoos and apparently that means I'm going tribal (at least that's what one of the speakers said about tattoos-I didn't take to him at all). Moving on .....

Kara! I am so spoiled. This past week we one-shotted everything up until Prince, on whom we downed the third try, and Nightbane, who we conquered on the 2nd try. I would like to take this opportunity to thank TripleB and Cassie, who have organized some really great runs that I will now use to measure any other Kara runs I do. We love you! AND I got new purple shinies, two of which were absolute upgrades and two which could be, I think, when I get them enchanted. So a fantastic run for me. Oh-the tips about keeping my pet on the ground when we jumped up onto the pole were spot on. Thanks all! My pet did some bigredkitty damage! And, after all the AoE was done, apparently I was 3rd on the damage charts, behind Cassie and Blu. It is now my ambition to surpass Blusummers :) And I think I'm going to have to get geeky, because the TCG (Trading Card Game, for those of you like me who still don't know what all the acronyms mean) gives codes for pet biscuits which make your little companions all big. An enlarged bunny rabbit flopping around is just too cute for words.

I'm famous! I had a whisper from someone I didn't know a couple days ago. I asked if I knew them, and they said no, but they read my blog. I blushed, ran out of the room to tell Dammy, and it just generally made my day.

Ok, I have run out of Orclette-will-play-by-herself time. Later!

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