Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This game is getting to me ...

So yesterday I started the quest train to do the Netherwing dailies. If you haven't done them, rest assured that they are incredibly annoying, especially the later ones. I had died 3 times gathering the crystals from the ledge (yes I had track dragonkin on-I just don't watch my tracker all the time). I cleared an area, started over to the crystal to gather it, and some BE swoops in and gets it before me.

And I emote spit on him. I was that annoyed.

But my reaction surprised me and I hope it doesn't happen again. BFF had a really good suggestion-blow raspberries!

Huge thank you to Squirrelz, Nas, Doozie, and Shrinn for helping me down the big bad dude at the end of the quest train. And being an orc is fun! I always said I was an orc in disguise!

P.S. So I've been feeling guilty/disappointed in myself all day because of my reaction to the crystal-stealer and decided that I needed to do something really nice for the BE's to make up for it. So, for a few days, anytime I see a BE I will hug and wave at them. And say that their hair looks nice.

So you do know that green is like my color? and you like stole it? Like, thats just not cool yo!(Dammerung)

Also while I appreciatte that being hateful isn't nice... spitting on Horde is a time honored Alliance tradition. Next thing you know someone will be planning a /hug campaign instead of ganking the n00bs. Sigh what ever is this world coming too.(Dammerung)


klaki said...

I don't think that it was the fact that it was a Horde, but it was a person stealing your crystal after you work hard to clear the area. I've spit on many of alliance on my alliance toon because they are jerks. I wouldn't feel bad. You were acting like most people would. If you worked on commission and you worked hard to get a person to buy a book, only to have another cashier take your sale, its only natural to be a bit peeved. I find your actions valid and deem you a human being, sry :)

Asara Dragoness said...

Awww, poor Wulfa!

Don't beat yourself up over it too much. Rep grinding is a chore at the best of times, regardless of how much you want the thing you're grinding for. Heck, gathering skills can be just as bad, in the wrong environment. My poor lv 66 pally has had many a mining node snatched away from her by people on flying mounts, sometimes even of the same faction. It has yet to be less frustrating every time it happens.

Here's hoping the next Belf you come across is worthy of the /hug!

ArmsandFury said...

And that my friends is the glory of the PvP server... that other faction steals or pimps from you... you kill them :)

Seriously tho, I have had same faction steal from me before and as a Horde we are usually very tightly knit and it just blew my mind.

/w We're Horde!! We don't do that to each other >.<

/w Your GM is pissed at you by the way. Have fun explaining yourself.

Anonymous said...

As recently as yesterday I helped a level 67 gnome rogue gather some fel reaver parts that I also needed. Somehow we managed to communicate to each other that we'd take turns gathering after clearing the way for each other. It would've been very easy for me at level 70 to solo that quest, but even as a rogue he would've had a bit of trouble by himself. I didn't mind. I love this type of thing. What's the point in fragging out about something that will respawn in a few minutes anyway -- might as well cooperate or just move on to another quest.