Saturday, July 26, 2008

How do I feel about...

BBB meandered into Vent last night while we were prepping for a Ramparts run and while we were chatting he asked me how I feel about Wulfa being 70 and raiding. And being a very successful raider at that. While I still didn't have a 70.

I can fairly honestly say that it really hasn't ever really crossed my mind. I never looked at raiding and thought "that is where I want to be". I never really looked at 70 and thought "that is where I want to be". Now don't get me wrong. I have many many many times wished I was 70. But a lot of those times it was because you only get access to 'x' spell at 70. A lot of times it was because if I was 70 then I would no longer have that slight external pressure to be 70. But never have I thought "I want to be 70 because thats where I want to be". I guess it is sort of like being exalted with a faction. You want it for the loot but rarely for the simple fact of being exalted.

If I could sit down and pick and chose all the factors involved in WoW? I would have a level 70 lock for soloing, and a level 70 death knight for soloing....and a level 70 shaman for raiding...and a level 70 resto druid for 5 man healing and pvp. Oh and WoW would be turn based. And I'd have a paladin tank. And I'd control all of them at my World of Final Warcraft Fantasy Tactics. Act II: The dawn of Disgaea.

But I'm off track. The thing is I don't want to swap places with Wulfa. I enjoy what I do(make endless alts). I enjoy seeing her do "progression" of a sort. I enjoy watching her look more and more like a raider(her gear has that funky raider glow now). We've talked about what will happen when I hit 70. And mostly it consists of endless 5 mans with Ishvi, Wulfa, Mooncadence, and another. Oh and a lot of battlegrounds. And more alts. I -MIGHT- see Kara once.... if they need a healer and Wulfa isn't going.

I love partying with wulfa don't get me wrong but neither of us want to do kara in the bedroom while orclette sleeps. And seeing how our household runs that is what would be required.

Sides all that Kara is, is a longer 5 man with more difficult bosses and more people. I want deeper 5 man progression myself. Maybe a long series of keyed 5man dungeons where you had to do them in order -each- time and you had one week to complete each one or it would reset you back to the beginning? Or no resetting...just they wouldn't respawn unless you beat them all in order or reset the instance? Who knows.

I do know that I like and prefer the smaller teams. Less scheduling hassle and less drama. More people = more drama.

Gah this post rambles. So lets get onto the less introspective stuff.

I'm in outlands now. I picked up treeform and I don't plan on respeccing until never. The next instance I run should ding me. To level 56.

I -really- enjoy healing. Always have....but tree healing is perfect for me. I cannot wait until I get lifebloom. When is that anyways?

I applied somewhere.... got accepted...and now have to figure out whether or not it really is feasible.

To: Shrinnpoof, Funbuns, Barrona, Mooncadence, Shrinn's alt, Athelsomething, Alsomething, Bikerpally, Wulfa, Waldorph, and Team Ninja of AV.

Thanks for the awesome saturday. I gained 1700 honor+. I gained 10 av marks in 4 AV's and rocked the healing charts for #1 in three of those. #3 in the one where I joined and we were 200 points down and never made that difference up.

Thanks for the two rampart runs and the one sunken temple run. Ramparts was great fun healing and learning what draws too much agro. At least I only died twice the 2nd run. ST was fun all around :p.....even DPS'ing as a 0/0/44 druid.

All in all I had a blast.


Dammerung said...

So having Dammy in Outlands already is rather like having your younger brother following around-you have to be more careful, slow down the pace, perhaps not accomplish everything you had planned to do, but it's worth it. It's been a long time since we've been able to group up and be somewhat close in lvl. And he is totally a tree. It's his personality.

This is Wulfa, not Dammy, and I don't feel like writing this comment over again with my own blog id 'cause I just woke up and was told about this long rambly post that I must read .....

Nasirah said...

Tree healing is AWESOME!!! I recently started a shaman (not yet guilded) and I have no clue what spec she would be when she hits 70. I'm kinda leaning toward resto, so that I could have one character that's a dedicated healer (I love Moonkin too much to do that with my druid) but I really don't know if I could seriously heal with any other class. The couple times I've healed with Xiliah it's been... okay... but definitely not the same.

Oh, and you get Lifebloom at 64. And when you get it, you'll wonder how you ever healed without it. I seriously have no idea how old-world raiding druids did it.

Beowulfa said...

Exactly nas.(about the tree healing).

I'm really really enjoying it thus far.

Tell Blu thanks .. him Ish, EU, and Night ran me through ramps last night after I wrote this post. It was greatly appreciated.

Ratshag said...

Good to know what you want Dammer. Although, if an opportunity to Kara comes up, I'd recommend ya takes it one time. The experience is, well, different.

As fer Tree healing, Pali wants ta be a tree too. Someday. Eventually.

klaki said...

"World of Final Warcraft Fantasy Tactics. Act II: The dawn of Disgaea"

LOL! I want that game!

I'm like you Dammy in that I love alts. I like knowing the inners and outters of the classes. I love most of the leveling grind. I do however that you get a 70 because end game is totally different. Raiding is totally different that 5 mans. 5 mans are like bumper cars, while raiding is like drag racing. :) You'll enjoy it, I promise you that. You'll probably enjoy it enough to stick to one toon for a bit. The one main thing I hate about being 70.... dailies. They are so boring after awhile, but you need them for cash flow.

Raynmaker, Alevas (Uther) said...


Here's the thing about raiding vs. 5mans, ESPECIALLY healing: 5mans it's just you healing and 1 tank plus 3 people doing damage. It's a small team, it's a lot of fun, it's a small team and 5 people working together to accomplish a goal. BUT, once you get into a raid, into a 10man in particular (the 25s are too big), you'll see what it's like. It's double the people but it's not double the teamwork, it's 4x or 6x, maybe even 10x the teamwork. Especially with your fellow healer if you're 2 healing it. I have a friend who I 2 heal timed ZA runs with a friend of mine who I've been healing with as a team for the last 6 months. We keybind each other on vent to keep constant communication - "I'm stunned, can't heal" "I've got so-and-so, heal the other one" "save some mana, I'm ok right now". No one else has any idea of the type of communication and teamwork the two of us have and it lets us act like two and a half healers instead of 1. It's just amazing when I can do that and be effective, it's not just me. I encourage you to try it once you hit 70 Dammy, find a good partner and try it!