Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Options and thoughts on them.

Has the option to only show the latest spell rank always been there? Because its awesome. I hate scrolling through 15 ranks of spells I don't need to find the one spell I'm looking for when adjusting my buttons.

As a shaman who doesn't ever use totems while soloing, I find having space for them on my bars a tedious thing. I need to sit down and work on a solution for this at some point.

Druidy druid druid. I'm pondering going feral again and if I'll hate it. I was completely thrilled when Nas refered to me as her pocket healer in a forum post. That statement alone almost made me play my druid that night. And it was a night where I was really excited about playing my shaman. I wish Balance allowed you to have all the yummy goodness of moonkin without looking like one.

Shaman enh talents. There are too many I want. So currently I've ignored all of the totem talents except the one that lets earthbind cleanse you of movement pinning effects. And I'm not sad about this. Totems are really only useful in groups. Whenever I use them I find myself slowing down and regening more. :(

Alts: My hunter is stabbing me asking for play time. My mage is screaming that I was going to make a twink out of her.

The calender is amazing. I love it. I'm always asking when blizz holidays end/start. Achievements is something I've wanted for so long, a list of things to do and check off..... YAY. The next person I see complaining that this isn't an enhancement I'm gonna sick my doggies on. This makes the game more fun for people with my temperment. We won't do it....until you give us a list...then we we'll think its crazy fun.

Pets? We have pets? I'm going to have to run around and collect a bunch of vanity pet spells....that I'll never use :P (not complaining just laughing that I'll spend the money for the achievement but I'll never pull them out).

I'm still not going to do the Brewfest event. Not even for the achievements. I HATE the ingame drunkenness effect. I blame that stupid warrior quest for the shield thingy.

I think the white corehound is the prettiest one. It almost makes me want one.

I can't think of anything else from my brief playtime that I noted as being great. I think I'm going to go poke druid talents. Nas left me a great selection of premade builds and I'll probably just pick one of hers but I want to have an idea what talents there are.


Baila said...

I SOOo agree with you about how Moonkin looks. When I first started playing I got all way to Moonkin without having ever seen one. I was so disappointed. I think I switched to feral in about 4 days.

pugnaciouspriest said...

Nope- that option wasn't there before, it certainly makes for a much neater spellbook.. nothing worse then getting to 70 and finding a spell you forgot about and never toolbared.. ( my mage's scorch.. )