Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hunter Mage

Not sure if you noticed but today was a slow day at work.

Due to not playing last night and frothing at the mouth about the patch changes I'm incredibly wired. The kicker? I don't get to play tonight, or tomorrow night or Friday or Saturday and probably not Sunday.

Tonight Wulfa has to go into town, I"m going with her. No interweb.

Tomorrow I have to pack my van as full as I can of things to move.

Friday I drive approximately 1k miles to Las Cruces. Give or take a 100.

Saturday I sleep, unload everything, eat a meal with my parents, and start back.

At somepoint Sunday I get home. If its early then maybe after a nap I'll be awake enough to explore. Of course at that point Wulfa will have been the sole provider for teh Orclette for the last 48 hours. So maybe I won't.

So Monday night better be one awesome night of gameplay.

In the meantime, I've decide on my classes to play in the upcoming months:

Shaman horde side(enhance for leveling...tempted by resto)... Currently 64... MMMM DOGGIES
Druid alliance side(resto) Currently 68.... mmmmm wild growth.
Hunter alliance side(BM) Currently level 50. Can't stop browsing petopia.
Mage alliance side?(frost) Currently level 16. I'm tempted to end her and reroll a horde mage.

The classes I won't play:
Warlock... love the style hate the rp.
Warrior... Sorry herk but the 30's made me hate warrior as much as I loved it in the teens. Haven't been able to even look at the class since.
Priest... yeah just say no. We're not friends.

The classes I want to play kinda....
Rogue.... Just can't get one off the ground. I've got a level 24 rogue on Silvermoon that I've been tempted to kick once or twice. I'd really like to have a high level rogue but when I'm honest all I'd use it for is gankin lowbies. Which isn't nice.
Paladin.... mmm Holy Protector. Ick...the gameplay every time.
Death Knight... Blood spec... unending health while soloing. Ick being shady evil.

I wonder if any of the "make me look different" glyphs for druid feral spec have been discovered yet by someone I know on Kael'thas. Solo bear is so fun.

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