Sunday, April 25, 2010


My thoughts on the Plyometric Cardio Circuit?

My floor has never looked so appealing. And I never thought I'd be one of the "yellers." In exercise lingo (not another lingo!:) that means you yell when things get hard. Oh bother. Another pun. Anyway, Shaun T's Basketball Drills had me yelling. And grunting as good as those humongo body builders do. And as good as Tim the Tool Man Taylor:)

Damm's thoughts were that he didn't push as hard as he could've BUT this time he was standing at the end of the workout. And as soon as he actually sat down he couldn't get back up:)

We aren't going to change what we eat yet. We were already ingesting good-for-you foods. According to the caloric needs calculater Damm should be eating around 3,000 calories working out 6 days a week and I should be at 2,400. I'm already at 2,000-2,200 because I'm still the main food source of the Little Man. Not sure where Damm falls on the calorie count. Anyway, not upping our calories because we're still reeling from the shock of the insane workouts and haven't ramped up the intensity enough. We'll be keeping an eye on weight and measurements though (and posting those here) and will make adjustments as necessary.

And now to stand up. Right now that's the same as running a marathon. /ouchies.

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