Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Day 5 is Pure Cardio.

My little brother Alden has also been doing the INSANITY thing and we've been corresponding about our experiences via that great invention-texting. And he asked me if we had done Pure Cardio yet. I texted back no, I hadn't, and why was he asking? He texted back: Hahahahaha. (or something to that effect) Of course that sent warning signals.

And this morning I discovered why he had laughed. Pure Cardio was hard. Same warm-up and stretch but instead of 3 minutes hard 30 second break it was 13-14 minutes non-stop. Of course I had to stop. Several times. And by the end I was gasping on the floor, trying not to throw up. There might be another contributing factor to that, though. You see, yesterday was ice cream day. I firmly believe in the concept of a "splurge" or "cheat" something once a week. Or once every two weeks, however you decide you want to do it. And yesterday was my day.

This morning I was wishing I had waited until Thursday, because Friday is an off-day. Nothing like wanting to throw up to have the importance of good nutrition hammered into one, is there?

Due to scheduling mishaps Damm is going to experience Pure Cardio later today. One disadvantage of not doing this at the same time is that the one who goes first can come back and say "haha, you're gonna throw up!" How's that for motivation?

And that was Day 5 of INSANITY.

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