Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Today is Cardio Recovery Day. I gotta tell ya, I like this day.

What I find interesting is how my previous training is helping/not helping during this series. Plyometrics? Never did it. Too hard to motivate myself to do it solo. And I wasn't convinced that it could benefit me in my running. Hahahahaha. As we get older we get wiser. But leg work? I've done massive amounts of leg work. So many of the resistance moves Shaun T. employs I've done before. That's not to say they're easy, but I have an easier time doing them. Upper body? Yeah I trained with weights but only recently did I start to incorporate pushups. I want to start doing pullups at some point as well BECAUSE I have come to a groundbreaking realization:

For practical upper body strength, pushups and pullups are all you need. All the other stuff is a great addition but it's like flowers on the cake. Gorgeous, and if they're made with sugar tasty, but not actually vital to the cake's existence. Another example: I thought I was strong and buff lifting weights. And I was, to an extent. But when I added pushups my ability to carry, push, and pull (necessary when you have two kids and a husband away for basic training) increased exponentially.

Damm's thoughts on Cardio Recovery Day? A lot more muscle burn than the other days and he thinks he should include more yoga workouts because he's finding out how inflexible he is. Me too, actually.

And that's Day 4.

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