Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Night Green Poxo died.

"The best time in PVE is…losing. I’m dead serious. There is absolutely nothing better in PVE than wiping on a progression boss, short of finally killing it. That’s what makes raiding worth it: the trial, toil, and learning that goes into finally defeating any boss you’re stuck on. Farming a boss you’ve killed for months is rather boring. It can be and still is fun for most people, mostly because of gear and the people you’re raiding with, but as any raider knows, it’s just not quite as fun as working on a new boss. People literally get excited to go get the crap beaten out of them for four hours a night."

The author of the above statement is Fate of I have to agree with him. If you aren't losing then its boring. Odd that people view PvP in a different light.

Anyways his paragraph reminded me of how last nights Pox run went.

Starting a few bubbles into level 28 we stormed into Scarlet Monastery. Graveyard was so pitfully easy we got bored and had 'CC' practice. I'd have Wulfa shackle a mob repeatedly while we killed group after group. Kitzen went all ice blocky and stuff. We even used Sap(which we rarely use because the druid tank is a punk and likes to mark and pull in one swift mistake after mistake). But we didn't need any CC....because unlike normal fun instances Graveyard is full of crappy non-elite mobs. We cleared it...and didn't go back.

Instead at 75% of the way to 29 we marched into the library. Hmm level 33-35 elites every where... lets see how this goes...okay I"ve got two...this is doable....GAAAAH WE JUST LINKED 5 MORE...(and we all start dying). Three of the five of us made it out of the door 10 yds away thats how fast they killed us. So we regrouped... the tank was more careful about where and how he pulled and we began our slow but steady destruction of elites 5-7 levels higher than us.

We got into the courtyard with the hunter mobs when the hallway started respawning. So we cleared most of the hallway again(and dinged 29 one and all). After dinging 29 it was -instantly- easier...way way easier. The biggest problem we had been having was resists and misses. That one level made a world of differences. We saw that we were running out of time and sprinted for the hunter boss(the one with the three doggies).

Our plan of attack was everyone in the room with him... burn down the doggies then take him. Wulfa would help Raaksi heal(both of them have about 2400 mana) and Abuto(rogue) and Kitzen(hunter) and Meep(ninja la awesome hunter pet) would burn them down.

Wow did they hit hard. 2 level 33 doggie elites, 1 level 34 doggie elite and the hunter guy who was level 36? or 35. Skull died. X died. Triangle(doggie) was 85% down when Raaksi tapped. At this point a patrol wandering past the doorway saw wulfa(who was standing on the half-wall) The hunter in the patroll started shooting and his pet charged her. I got the doggie off of her but she died a couple seconds later. With no healing I died about 1 second after that. Then Raaksi died..... I'm not sure how long it took them to finish off the DPS but it wasn't very long.

We decided that it was late but we were going to call it anyways. All in all it had been a BLAST. We would have killed the hunter boss at level 29 but for a small mistep. And next time we will just go straight back into there and hopefully kill fast enough to get to Doan before our time is up.

This is when its fun....when its hard enough that mistakes cause wipes. We had a blast.

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gamedame said...

Great write-up! And just for the record, it seemed to me that as soon as I noticed one of you dead, we were ALL dead in about 2 seconds. I mean, it was so fast it cracked me up. When I looked up, we were almost done with mostly all-green bars of health. Then I saw one "dead" and the rest of us went like lightning. It was pretty funny.