Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fear of storytelling.

Everytime I go for a long walk with just Orclette and myself I come up with what I feel are great scenes for this story I'm writing*. But when I come back and start trying to actually write the scenes I feel.... silly.

Really silly. Like I'm giving a speech.

I'm trying to get around this and am not quite sure how to. I know I'm not the only one who feels very vernerable and exposed when writing.

Anyways ideas wanted.

*by writing I mean I have a written outline I know all the major characters and if asked I could describe each scene/person/event but I don't have any dialog/descriptions actually written and my characters don't have names. I know the beginning and the end just haven't been able to force myself to actually write it. This is the 2nd such story**

**ie: the second complete story I've come up with that has never been written or told***

***beyond short synopsis' to Wulfa and telling it to Orclette


Fauxpas said...

just write it down. editing come later!

klaki said...

i always find that i write stories better if i imagine that i was sitting down telling it to a grandchild of mine. remember, describe everything... sights, sounds, smells. people want to be part of a story. its better to write too much and shorten it, then to write too little and try to fit things in. weel, at least imo it is.

Ess said...

Have you ever given freewriting a try? You start a timer for ten minutes and just go. The rules are simple: write until the timer goes off, no stopping, no erasing, no editing. Do this a few times (forcing yourself to follow the rules -- it isn't easy!), and it will really loosen you up. You can then apply it to fiction, and just let the words spill out on the paper. Fauxpas is right -- write first, edit later!

If you like this kind of thing, you might check out Writing Down the Bones. This book helped me keep my sanity in college, as it got me back into writing. Has lots of nifty freewriting assignments in it.

Ess said...

Er... not college, but graduate school. (I didn't start to get crazy-stressed until then.)

Anyway, good stuff!