Thursday, June 12, 2008


Me and someone had an interesting conversation yesterday. Prompting this short question post:

Who do you put on a pedestel?

Who do you look down on?

Don't answer either of these please. I don't really want to know. I just did a personal inventory and realized there are an awful lot of people that I either elevate or disparage for reasons that are not really valid reasons.

I know there are people I've thought horrible things about who were really just normal regular joes who were smart in other areas but inexperianced in the arena I knew them in.

I know there are people I've thought of as amazing self assured genius specimens of physical perfection....who were really insecure, incompetant, losers who wanted more from life.

Anways this is just serious thoughts from the Orc.


klaki said...

imo, sry if i sound preachy, but i don't think anyone should be put on a pedestal. people are exactly what they are... human! they have flaws, they make mistakes, they have egos, the list can go on. i'm not saying that you can't look at someone as being really smart, or really athletic. i'm just saying that you should hold anyone to a higher standard because they are just like you and they are not perfect. putting people up on pedestals just makes people feel more disappointed later on.

i think everyone should put themselves on a pedestal. not to say that they are better than anyone else, but as a tool. a tool to use for self improvement. a tool to show you that you are better than that. that you have a high standard that you want to live by. use it to say "hey, i'm better than that" when you do or say something that you think is wrong.

Dammerung said...

I agree with you Klaki. That was the point of this post... is that I had put people places they shouldn't have been and I was surprised at how unconciously I had done so.

I was hoping to get people to look at their own perceptions and consider who they had elavated or delevated without realizing it.