Friday, June 13, 2008

She's my new hero.

Wyn: interesting trivia: if you read the lore, the horde are the "good guys," if anyone is


Orc & Tauren easily.

Trolls...hmm they are such a sidekick race its hard to tell... certainly they've stopped some bad evils(hakkar and the Aqir)...but they also started some(hakkar and other crappy voodoo). Neutral like any good mercs.

Undead... solid resistance fighters/good guys in my books. Sure they want more people to be undead but thats practically a biological directive to reproduce. I mark them as 75% good.

Blood Elves.... Misguided but good at heart. The moody teens gangsters of WoW. And now that Sunwell has happened they are on the path to redemption.


Nasirah said...

Orcs & tauren, sure. Trolls, I don't know much about them, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. Undead and blood elves, though... they may not be evil, but I certainly wouldn't call them good guys. I think the fact that they only start out neutral with the Kalimdor races implies that they're only allied with them to further their own agendas.

Dammerung said...

Clarified my viewpoints on the horde races in the post.

Compare with the other races:

Humans.... lots of slavery and abuse of other races. Generally feel very corrupt like blood elves to me. But sure they might be good.... afterall wasn't Admiral Theramore a huge human hero?

Night elves, Parent race to the Naga and the Satyr. Reason the BC origionally came. BROKE THE WORLD. Want to be immortal and party all the time and constantly make pacts with badguys to try and do this.

Gnomes. Classic evil genius race. LIke to make abominations and experiment on people. Nuked their city to see what it would do. Used slight rise in Trogg based crime as an excuse.

Dwarves. Constantly "mining too deep". They like to wake things up that shouldn't be woken. They make horribly loud neighbors. Beard polution. Destroy natural habitats habitually.

Spacegoats. Hate Orcs for their actions while mind controlled. Half their race leads the BC. Look uglier than their 'broken' cousins. I'm really stretching here...they're not too bad.

Christopher said...

Agreed, Nasirah. The orcs and tauren solidified themselves as the true heroes of Azeroth not far into the Third War, when the humans of continental Azeroth were too busy quibbling amongst themselves with petty politicking to see their own impending destruction. It took and exiled slave and a people on the brink of extermination to save us all.

The trolls have shrugged off their darker past in light of a more civilized existence within the Horde. So they get the nod.

Undead, though, golly. They're still genocidal. The blood elves are pretty hard to lump in with the good guys, too.

Nasirah said...

Oh I'm not saying that all the Alliance races are good. Just pointing out that I don't think you can call the entire Horde good guys.

Pretty much any race is going to have some good and some bad in it. It's simply human(/orc/nightelf/tauren/etc) nature.

Trollin' said...

The playable Trolls are pretty good. They're devoted to Thrall since he saved them. The other trolls are pretty bad though.

Auzara said...

I was so excited to see this track back with this title, but alas Wyn is your hero.

Actually, Wyn's an awesome chick and she's my hero too. I hope you continue to enjoy her writing at