Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Combined We are twice as ORK!

I hate hate hate removing people from my blog roll. But I had too many that I just didn't read often enough.... or who didn't post very often. /sigh. So I cleaned it up and added two new ones who I read a lot, or who post a lot and I want to read more.


He's my new hero. Renoobed will probably pity me.

This guy!

Dammy asked me to comment on TJ's posting about triplets, probably because I'm a mom and it was a mom thing so I'm an expert, right? Or so his thought process probably went. I only have one little orc so I really have no perspective on what it would be like to have triplets or twins but my thought is that with multiples you have twice/triple as much non-existent time to do things and it's twice/triple as hard BUT you only go through the pregnancy process once, the infancy stage once, the toddler stage once, and then they go off to school and YOU NEVER EVER HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN. I thought it would be wonderful, when we found out about Orclette, if it could have been Orclette & Orclette or Orclette & Orcson (I knew I was having an Orclette so Orcson & Orcson wasn't an option).

Some thoughts:

I like doing events. I like "Okay Friday night we're doing ". I like "dang it we need cash lets go farm 10 stacks of: ". So raiding and premade BG/arenas... oooo yummy. PUG? Why?

Me and Beowulfa need to make friends ingame, and out of game. We're new to both communities and suffering from the lack of friends. Our guild is nice and helpful but... well we are a guild made up of: solo warlock, solo warlock, duo warlock/paladin, solo hunter, solo druid, guild leader, solo warlock, myself(mostly solo), Beowulfa(mostly solo), my brother(99% solo). And when I say solo I don't mean chatty people who solo play but talk on channel... I mean soloers who like to listen to music and quietly farm. I like them but more and more I find myself wishing for a chattier guild. And one where I actually have friends. We joined this server/guild because my brother(Udacha, Emerald Dream) wanted to play on the same server as his friends.... except now he only plays FFXI and while they are friendly they aren't friends.

Anyways enough with the sob story... if I was serious I would be spending more time trying to get a PUG to meet others in game. Instead of planning on turning on '24 hours' and grinding to 40 solo in Desolace.

But since I'm day dreaming: I want a guild that has weekly PvP action, one to two raids or instances, and a LOT of talking on channel. Oh and I want this on both Etrigg(Kangee) and Emerald Dream(Zujoo, Dammerung)

Hmm, what I would like from a guild. Female guildies who have kids and can commiserate and celebrate all things hot-WOW-mama-ish. People who are fun to group with and can handle crazy hours and me having to pop off if Orclette wakes up. One with a really knowledgeable hunter who would think it was too cool to have me, really still a novice, pester him/her with questions and not think I was a noob (Wulfa got called that recently. Asked Dammy what it meant and was post-name calling really mad at that dude).

Some things I wish WoW had:

1) On the guild screen a little button labled: "Calender" Where an officer could add an event and request signatures from people who are going to participate. Or one next to each name where a guildie like myself could say: available days at time.(ooo I could use the info screen for this).

2) A personal logbook type thingy where you could write your goals for the day/week/month. Insert a few appointments that occur outside WOW. Write down random thoughts, or a snippet of a thought that, once expounded and enhanced, would make a really cool post.

3) A chat last feature. I would love to be able to log in and type: /g [last] and see the last 10 comments on my guild channel. Especially when changing characters a lot when moving items around.

4) Faster birds.


Wulfa & Dammy



Ryster Anch said...

Whew!! I made the cut!! I wasn't so fortunate at BBB's blog. /cry.


Matticus said...

Thanks for the link =)! Definitely will add you to my reading list.

Nibuca said...

I follow blogs through Bloglines. I actually have two lists. One is "blogs I follow that I would like to link to from my blog" and the other is "blogs I'm interested in.. but not sure if they're going to have good content or be around for a while so I won't put their link on my website". I actively move links between those two lists.

I figure it does no one good to have a long list of links on my site if I'm not actually reading them.. and if I'm not sure if those links have been updated in the last 3 months.


Lance said...

Nice idea about the ingame calendar and note pad that would be sweet. Come on Blizzard Bring it.

Kat said...

My little guild is using Guild Event Manger... http://www.curse.com/downloads/details/1147/

We have just started using it and I am not 100% sure about it yet. But just wanted to let you know it is available. It is all about people actually using it and making plans prior to "I'm bored."