Monday, December 17, 2007

Character burnout(a survivors story).

Level 29 how I hate thee. Level 28 was great, lots of pvp victories and milestones. Lots of NEW and SHINEY. Level 28 was a blink. Level 29... dragged on and on. Level 28 we did WC and never died(our warlock Zujoo is awesome at CC) and got lots of loot. Level 29, we did Razorfen Kraul and died 3 times(our warlock Zujoo sucks at CC) and got 2 greens(one from the escort the goblin quest). Level 28 the allies I ran accross would /salute or /laugh. Level 29 I never even saw the stupid hunter or the rogue, I did see the paladin and his level 70 friend and tried to make them feel bad by not even fighting back, the mage I never saw either. Level 28 I played with smart horde and we won a lot in BG. Level 29 I was told that Having huge zerg fights over the farm was more fun then trying to control anything else.....

I spent most of yesterday planning my Nightelf/Drenai hunter/druid/warrior/rogue/paladin on Etrigg(the server Angharad is on). Zujoo wasn't fun... Zujoo was frustration.

I mentioned this to Wulfa and she said that what she does when this happens is put headphones on and find a quiet spot and grind until it all goes away. Oooo rabbittrail. I am COMPLETELY envious of nightelf druids who have awesome irish/scottish music on their computer, I ended up going to BBB's site over and over and clicking on the music and dancing to Ramblin' Rover with Orclette in my arms.

Anyways, so last night I hunted down a cd-player and some headsets and put Jem in and slaughtered Demons to the tune of "who made up all the rules... we follow them like fools... who are they?... where are they?...". And suddenly DING! It was over. I had Siphon Life(how I love thee). I had a long quest that dragged me all over the map(would have been a LOT shorter but "the coast west of Southshore" does not mean the coast between Southshore and the Arathi Highlands. I killed 11k xp worth of Naga before I looked at the map and slapped myself. At somepoint my brother started downloading WoW for his laptop and life got -really- laggy. So I did not complete the quest. I have both halves of the Tome and am on my way to the Wetlands to kill dragonmaws for some wands I think.

Music. Is. So. Underated. By. Me.

I am going to have to get a good solid solution. Maybe some non-half-broken headsets, and a iPod or something like that instead of an archaic walkman style cdplayer.

Not sure if Wulfa is going to post today or not. We'll pretend I wrote this sunday.



Stale said...

I love how you compare being 28 in WC (lvl 19-25 instance) to being 29 in RFK (27-35 instance)...

In WC, you could just tear through stuff and RFK you would get stuck if your tank wasnt good enough/healer sucked/bad pull.

Anyways, I enjoy your blog... keep writing. And if you would like to check out mine, go to


Dammerung said...

They actually felt very similair. The only major difference for us is Honestbear's Cat(level 17 pet) had a HUGE agro range in RFK.

What I meant was: in WC I seduced/banished/feared safely smartly.

In RFK I broke Wulfa's Ice, I broke MY OWN seduce, I fear-aggroed.

Also because I wasn't familiar with the patrols I marked the wrong mobs a lot.

Dammerung said...

P.S. I've visited you on occasion boss, just haven't quite gotten around to updating my blog roll again... perhaps today if work slows down even further than it currently is.

Dammerung said...

P.S.S. Wulfa's gonna kill me when she see's I posted under her and already have 4 comments! Muah! Yay for 3 of them being me!

Pathos said...

Jem = grinding love. "They" and "24" sooth the soul. Alternate substitutes based on mood can be:
-Juno Reactor
-Dune(happy hardcore, not the movie)
-Lacuna Coil/Nightwish medley

I played Anarchy Online back in the day, and the biggest grind out there was for mission tokens (assuming you haven't played). The end goal was 1000 of them (1/mission), and you could solo mission grinds at the rate of about 4/afternoon, at which point your brain thought you were in a catatonic state and shut off. Grinding music is key.


P.S.: Love your stuff, I stop by daily now :) Apologies for slower updates on my end.