Friday, December 21, 2007

Late post.

Sorry for the late post. Our cave has recently been a lot more crowded than I'm used to. My warrior brother is up visiting us, and also Beowulfa's clan. Her father is a very numbers oriented magical engineer who works for Thrall and helps audit/estimate the safety of the D.C.R.O.P.(Drenai Cityship Replication Otherworlds Project). His coworks talk about silly things like visits to the moon. Her mother is a no-nonsense Warrior who works at the local Y.O.T.A.(Young Orcs Training Association) and guards the swimming pool. Because I guess warlocks in ogrimar are too lazy to cast Unending Breath on kids swimming. Her brother is a thin Orc who is -very- good with a Kodo Bone Guitar and wants to be a lead singer in Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftain. Well not really, he backup sings for a band that sounds sorta like certain paladins who like body-to-body combat.

Her other brother is my kinda Orc. He plays goalee for his local Gnome-kicking-game and also likes to beat things with sticks. He's one mean drummer.

I'd write more but I'm tired and distracted.

Orclette has mastered the rocking horse scoot. She can get off a bearskin blanket faster than you can blink accross Arathi Basin as a mage. She's on the verge of getting a -real- movement spell and is leveling so fast you swear she's on permanent blue bar.


Going to start playing Dammerung again. I finally got approval for his 10g respec back into Enh. and got him some bags(Zujoo stole his.). Zujoo is level 32, and will deffinitly level, but Beowulfa prefers Dammerung and well.... I need a break from leveling a clothie. They will probably swap back and forth a few more times but for now... no competition.

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