Saturday, December 22, 2007

Newest high damage: 353! I think

Level 28... still need about 25k to get to 29. Shaman is fun again, but such a complete change from warlock. I've been frustrated with how careful I have to be. No more dot dot dot, while my pet holds agro. Warlock and Hunter are indeed easy mode. I critted for 353 last night. I think thats my highest ever. Flurry is loverly.

Played a lot of HALO... went from bad: 1 kill - 12 deaths on average to "good" 6kills 8 deaths on average. My brother complains about having to carry the team. Of the roughly 50 games I've played this weekend we've won about 48. These numbers are all estimates but I can only recall losing 2 games. He's level 50? and a general. I don't play halo so I don't know how good that is. I asked him if he has the season three gear and he looked at me like I was stupid.

Trying to explain WoW to someone who has never played an rpg... is difficult. I was asked about 10 times today "So how do you win?".

Ooo they are back from shopping.... got to go... dinner with Prettyorc while grandma watches Orclette!

Kestrel asked "What got you into WoW?"

Starcraft...which led to Warcraft III. I stopped playing WC3 and was spending a good deal of time with FFXI and FFX when I heard about it. At first I dismissed it as bleh. Then I started reading about the blue xp bar and the rogue combat system... coming from the relatively sparse FFXI guild abilities I was intrigued by the immense number of options. The final kicker was the ability to solo and a weekend of HORRIBLE parties in FFXI.

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