Thursday, December 20, 2007

Shadowfang Keep

So Dammy suggested that myself and brother-in-law Honestbear (he really should have gone for Honeybear-it woulda been soooo cute!) do Shadowfang Keep. Apparently it dropped plentiful greens and some blues and Honeybear (I think I'll call him that for my own amusement) would be getting xp since he's still way young in seasons. We get there, I go in and the music starts playing. It was awesome! So I get all set up for a great run. And then I notice how shut in and close everything was. Stairs and turns galore. But that's ok, we'll survive. But then Orclette draws major aggro from Dammy and suddenly I'm the leader, with no clue about where to go and feeling more and more claustrophobic. But I can easily handle everything in here, so we forge ahead. The first couple of bosses were fairly easy so I gained confidence in my leadership abilities. Then we get to the large wolf boss (no clue what his name was) and we kill him, no problem. Then I notice Hnoeybear's lifeforce is slowly being sapped away so I turn around and there are all these little minions rushing around! So I kill them and save his hide and we move on. I wish I could say that with the next boss I was more cautious but I'm a hunter, my pet is total BM, and I had uber-confidence. And it was only the boss and two little wolves with him. So I send Susan in, kill the boss, and find myself and Honeybear surrounded by six little wolfies. I ice trap one, start helping Susan out, and then five aggroed me and my health bar was a bit low, I had already used a healing potion while fighting the boss because I had several little doggies beating on me willy-nilly, so I feigned death. Considered staying there but Susan is just sooo hoss. She was almost done killing one so I got back up, made sure she had major threat, and helped her finish off the little wolfies. Honeybear had died almost immediately since the elite wolfies were his level. Bah. Complete failure as guide and mentor to this young Tauren. But I really only saw three mobs in that room. Blame it on tight corners. But Honeybear returns, we progress, and I let him decide how to handle the last boss (I figured since I had totally let him get beat on that this was fair) and it went smoothly. No problems whatsoever.

My impressions of SFK? I AM NEVER GOING BACK THERE AGAIN. It was built to keep out enemies with the twisting stairs and tight corridors. It was not built for the ease and comfort of ranged attackers. I couldn't see a dang thing. And I came out of it feeling like I do when forced to get one of those cat-scan thingymajigs. The saving grace was the theme music, which I really enjoyed. But yeah, never coming back.



Daxenos said...

Oooohhhh! I loved SFK as a Troll hunter/Skinner/Leatherworker. The drops are high teens, the worgen are skinnable AND drop coin, and it's just a short jaunt from the Sepulcher.

As far as solo instance material is concerned, I think SFK is one of the better farming locations.


Goeben said...

SFK is tough for a hunter in terms of sight issues, though it must be much easier now that hunters have no dead zone. Sometimes, though, it's best just to wade in with your melee weapon and traps.

But you shouldn't be surprised by hidden mobs -- make sure you use your tracking. Between fights, switch between likely types (undead, beasts, any others? I don't remember) so you know what's ahead.

Beowulfa said...

Thanks for your suggestions/pointers!

To daxenos: the skinning was another good point of SFK that I didn't mention. Came out with a stack of heavy leather which was nice.

To goeben: Since it was house-like conditions the mobs upstairs or downstairs would be confusing with my tracking on so after a little while I just stopped using it but you're right-no hunter should be surprised (unless there's a rogue around, nasty little things if you're not the one playing them).

Anonymous said...

goeben, there is still a deadzone. Give or take what you'd guess to be five yards is how far away we have to stay. A few hops back will do it.

the LOS issues in SFK will always exist BUT if you learn the instance and know when patrols come and where...its truly a wonderful place!

I love it there :)