Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I'm rich! Oh, wait . . .

Darn it, Zujoo needs money again and Dammy wants to respec his shaman. There goes another 10 gold. Bah. Yeah, I'm richer than I ever have been in this lovely game but I'm also the financial provider to two needy orcs. It's true they supply me with most of my auctionable stuff but they don't have to work very hard to get it. I, on the other hand, have started having dreams about playing the AH. This is not a sign of overplay, anything I've done that day is fair game for my brain that night, but it was rather weird to wake up and remember dreaming about soul dust. So, to get back to what I was saying. I wake up and scan the AH. I check my mail, put the stuff Zujoo sent me on auction, and then an hour later check back to scan again. Put the stuff that expired on at a slightly lower price that what it was before (unless prices recently skyrocketed) so it will sell. I try not to undersell too much. It's a good way to have the bottom drop out from under you. This process, even with our awesome Mac with its high speeds, takes a while. I also am the banker for our extended orc family. I currently have 4 total bank slots and need bigger bags for 3 of them. To top it all off I don't have an alt doing my banking and auction house stuff. I seriously considered it, I even made a warrior name "Bankerchic." But then I never made it to Orgrimmar because I liked playing warrior too much. I'm concerned that if I make a bank alt I'll end up liking that character and stop playing Beowulfa. I like doing all my duties as Beowulfa. Talk about roleplaying-it makes me feel like The Matriarch for the entire Dammerung clan. So I decided to keep things the way they are. It means more travel for Beowulfa and more time looking at the backside of the flying things than I wanted, but hey, that's life.

To continue on with AH, I had an awesome thought. I'm just beginning to read up on how to play the AH and make serious gold and so far it seems quite laborious. So, my thought was that some entrepen. soul would start a brokerage firm within WOW. I don't know if this would be legal but they do sell WOW gold in-game so perhaps it would be. It would take away the necessity of having a bank alt (or spending serious non-exciting-playing-time with your main character, like me), do away with having to regularly scan the AH to make sure you were putting your sellables on for competitive amounts, and you would regularly receive tidy sums of gold in the mail. No mess, no fuss. And the brokers would be rich. Probably outside the game of WOW as well. If you put that much effort into organizing a brokerage firm I think it would be wise to charge in US dollars as well as WOW gold. Unfortunately I have neither the time nor know-how to pull something like that off. My little Orclette draws far too much aggro and I don't see that changing anytime soon. She's going to be a very active little orc. Also a very vocal one.

On that note I have a gripe to share with all the orc mamas (and tauren, undead, troll, blood elf, night elf, etc. mamas). Especially those who rely on their own bodies to supply food for their little darlings. Caffeine, according to the books, should be limited to no more than 1-2 cups of coffee a day. Obviously the writers never had the experience of waking up at 2 a.m. to a screaming baby who, when comforted, decided that RIGHT NOW was an excellent time to take a look-see around and see what was going on. They never had a 5-month little orclette, on the verge of crawling, who is so very excited by everything she sees and wants to touch and grab EVERYTHING in sight and is just too cool to take a nap. We haven't gotten farther than this stage but the signs of an over-active toddler who gets herself sooo worked up that she has to let off a little steam by falling into hysterics are all there. /gripeoff. Whew. Apologies to all you Wow dudes who don't have kids and have no interest in them. But you try going without your coffee ritual and see how you feel (I love coffee soo much that orclette might just be an only orc child. That was the hardest period of my life).


Pathos said...

We must have both started reading Og's Ledger at about the same time, because I've been dabbling in auction-flipping for a little while myself now. All things considered, I've only made about 50 gold through that process, but there's a cheap stack of Large Brilliant Shards currently off limits due to the patch downtime...and if I can get my grubby priestly paws on that stack, it's worth about 150 gold net profit @_@

/scrooge off

Beowulfa said...

Yeah, I've only recently been dipping into Og's pool of wisdom . . . been too scared to start buying and reselling but I've been scanning more frequently and being more choosy about when to put my items on auction.

Dammerung said...

I don't believe any selling of any game resources for RL cash is legal. I certainly know that WoW frowns on it(at least for gold).

As for an in game brokerage firm making in-game golds... I can completely see this happening.

You give them yer goods they instantly give you 80% of what they will sell it for and you don't have to wait around for it to sell.

The only catch I see is that this is effectively already happening. You put your item on for 80s...and your 'broker' buys it and puts it back on the market for 1g.

But the idea of someone actually running a guild/firm where they bought your drops and then sold them on the AH would be awesomely awesome.