Thursday, March 25, 2010

Druid heals are just better.

So for some unknown reason Tuesday I logged into my druid and healed a tiny bit. I think it was because the druid had more emblems.** After just one heroic I realized what my problem had been. I've been trying to run away from my druid healer. I've been trying to find an alternative. And they all failed.

Boomkin failed

Cat failed.

Bear passed....but with a D.

Shaman retry failed.


And then I tried my resto druid again and remembered how much I loved him. Oh how much I love him.

The healing is so easy. I am untappable. I love it.

Since I went back I've farmed about 57 emblems on my druid. Life is great.

Working on a level 18 warlock(for battlegrounds with Mal and Moon), a level 26 mage(for battlegrounds with Mal and Moon) and a level 18 paladin(for battlegrounds with Mal and Moon) and a level 6 rogue(for battlegrounds with....) and a level 6 hunter(for hanging out with Wulfa).

So far the heirlooms I've got are:
PVP plate melee shoulders
PVP 2handed sword
PVE plate melee chest
PVP trinket
PVE cloth shoulders
PVE cloth chest
PVE melee dagger
PVE melee dagger the second!
PVE bow

My next few purchases will be:
PVE/PVP melee leather shoulders
PVE melee leather chest
PVE caster staff

My guild has been extremely great about all this. Despite my lack of coming to raid or even being on(RTW still has its hooks in me) I get invited still and people are still cheerful and friendly and chatty etc.

Heck we killed patchface last night and that other nax boss. I have the achievements for them. Yay.

And... I think that is it. I wanted to write a post about wow and state where my toons were etc. I'm excited about the BG changes but have been too busy farming emblems play that bit. I guess I'll have to go back.

Oh yeah one last thing: Dear blizz please allow heirlooms to be purchased with honor. PLZ PLZ PLZ.

**Frost and Triumph emblems are being converted purely into Heroic Emblems for heirlooms.

***Supposedly Paladin's don't run out of mana... thats crazy. My pally taps all the time so fast on things my druid wouldn't even blink about. And he's got about 4k more mana I think.


Cap'n John said...

As a Retadin with a focus on Strength my Mana pool is very low. Like 5K+ self-buffed and barely topping 6K in a PUG, so I'm often running low and needing to drink. There's a Pally Spell to restore 25% of my Mana, I think, but it has a 1-minute cooldown

As a Protadin I've learned the necessity of stacking not just Stamina and Defense, but Int and MP5 gear to boot. Random PUGs like fast runs and fast runs don't happen when I'm OOM. Most PUGs (& many Tanks) don't stop when the Healer is drinking and they just go ballistic when the Tank is sitting down quaffing a brew.

You want to rage quit the PUG because I'm stopping to drink so I can actually Tank the Boss w/o Mana issues? Go right ahead. I don't care. Enjoy your 30-minute queue. I'm a Tank. I get into Instances like that! (Well I do when I'm Tanking. As Ret my queues are a little longer.)

I will admit that my best Tanking experiences were with Druid Healers, and as a Retadin I'm still happy to see one.

I'm considering making a Macro for when I need to drink though. Something like:
/me begins drinking a carton of Pungent Seal Whey.
/p Oh yeah, that hits the spot. Nothing replenishes my Mana like an ice-cold carton of Pungent Seal Whey.

Except I tend to drink close to a full stack while running PUGs so that might get annoying if it pops up every time I need a Mana break ;)

klaki said...

I have two tanks (Protadin and FuzzyBearTank) and two healers (Restoman and Restotree) so I've experienced both sides.

Druid healing is awesome because it is so easy. A monkey can do it! It's not until raids or BGs where you actually got to do something. lol That is why I rolled a shammy healer too. As far as the OOM issue, I never run OOM on either toon unless the DPS is taking dmg and the fight lasts longer than 5 days. :) I sometimes heal on my wifes priest, and they are very fun to heal with. I've never healed as my pally (ret offspec), but I know a lot of really good holy pallys and yes if you play them right, they will NEVER run OOM.

As far as the tanking side goes, I love me a druid or priest healer myself. I love the buffs, the bubbles, the hots, the everything. I can pull rooms without worrying about my hp :)

As far as CnJ's comments. A pally with Int/MP5 gear?! You're kidding right? I rarely have a mana issue. There are many tools to regain mana for you. Ask for extra heals, BoW, SoW, JoW, DP, etc. All of which can help you regain mana if need be. Take that Int/Mp5 gear and trade it in for some avoidance stats.

I do agree with the annoying trend now-a-days of lets finish H-OK in 5 minutes. People have no patience anymore. I'll pull at my leisure. If you complain, I might slower :)

PS - nice macro CnJ :)

Grai's Gang said...

Hmm my druid is 51 and slowly climbing the ranks so about that I dont know. Pally heals depends on your spec your healing style and unfortunately your gear. For instance on Grai unbuffed he sits at about 29K mana in a raid situation with proper judgements cycles and use of divine plea I can generally heal a heroic 25 man throwing HL bombs for the whole fight and end around 1k.

Now your mana efficiency will never match a resto druid and Pallys only have one instant heal but if you can get the feel the are rockstars of tank healing. That being said trying to speed run 5 mans with "average" gear you will go OOM.

But play what ya like and we love having you in a random 5 man or the occasional raid. Heck just log in and hang out in G chat.

Be well and its just nice to see you and wulfa in game every once in awhile.

Grai/Fal/ etc./etc lol