Monday, January 17, 2011


So starting this semester we debated... like we do every semester about how to make this school thing -faster-, -easier-, -cheeper-.

One of the things I really failed at last semester was improving on my PT score(started at 206...ended at 213....but that was actually a fluke kinda compared with a pt test I took -right- before the semester started).

Basically I didn't get better. /end story/ So now I am going to. We worked out that 90% of our gymn workouts were just a treadmill. So this year instead of spending 33$ a month each on the gymn we bought a treadmill. Which should save us money.

And I'm going to be using it in addition to my regular PT with ROTC and in conjunction with my own pushup/situp routine.

210 = 70% = C grade. I want to improve to a B grade. 240-270 = B = 80%....... we're pretending this has nothing to do with all the people who have poked, prodded, or patted my belly over the break. Or the woman who has puffed her face up and waved her hand out around an imaginary santa belly every time I think about snacks.

So I'm going to post my boring annoying workouts(like the awesome Rusty...who hasn't posted much recently... or my reader is broken or the other).

And this morning's:

A 20 min run/walk mixing weights and incline. Light but lasted at least 20 min and left me sweating and high heartbeat.

If I complete a workout twice a day every day M-F then I'm allowed to play WoW once on the weekend. Otherwise I'm not.

If I get to 240+ on my record afpt(some time in march I think) then I'm going to treat myself to something...not sure yet trying to find something appropriate.

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