Monday, November 12, 2007

Rambling thoughts on early morning holidays.

Yay for days you get to spend grinding at the office on a 'holiday'.

So I'm incredibly fortunate to work at a company where Veterans day is officially a holiday. And unfortunate enough that I had to work that day(well I guess since I had to work -one- of these days its as good as any). Also this morning I'm the lucky guy who gets to come in two hours early to cover the gap in night support. Which isn't a problem it just means a 6am-5pm work shift.

Now as I'm writing this from my lovely climate controlled cubical with its plush chair 100 meeeellions of retail/hospital/construction etc. workers are taking a deep intake of breath to tell me to get over it and suck it up because they work 12 hrs a day NORMALLY and people don't deserve more than one holiday a year anyways and that one is optional.

Now back to Emerald Dream......

Not sure if the amory is showing it yet but I finally traided in my grey shield for an AWESOME green shield that Beowulfa purchased for me. She also made me a bunch of custom made leather gear and I bought boots of agi from this shoppy over there ------>{insert link to the shoppy in the barrens south west of crossroads and north of camp taurenname}.

So I think I have a +19 bonus to agi after the boots... I didn't look before logging out. And my armor is almost breaking 1k. I no longer leave fights with 10% hps and no mana. For example, now me(15) and beowulfa(14) can take two 'red' mobs(18 hyena and 19 lightning lizard) without real fear of dying.{not sure of the hyena was red to me}. Of course the 2nd time we tried this I drew Orclette agro and had to hearthstone and she had to abandon Susan-the-yellow-raptor to the sad but noble fate of dying to give her time to escape.

Pretty-orc to Ugly-orc regarding a recent post by a bear who has a butt: "{something I can't remember}, and they are all in these huge guilds and do all these things and they raid all the time... I didn't know about raiding... {some more stuff I can't remember}".

The point of that quote is to be able to talk about how since I've never-ever-ever been able to avoid alt-disease(thank you to Mana Battery Babe for the diagnosis) I have never-ever-ever been to the endgame of any MMORPG. So its sort of odd reading raiding woes/triumphs and guild issues by people... because I understand it... but I've never experianced it. So I wonder what I'm missing due to never having done it... maybe the jokes would be funnier.



Go look at Mana Battery Babe's site today. Its FUNNY. I'd link it but I already did(infact the reason I found out how funny it was this early was because I needed to remindmyself of her url).

Well thats it.



Kinzlayer said...

In retrospect guild drama is like any drama RL or not, funny and interesting only in hindsight. I can't say that guild drama, the woes and the triumphs, are to be missed, but when you are in the middle of a bad drama it's annoying. Hopefully one day both of you guys will experience a little of both since that is really the "End Game" experience. Just don't let it get you down.

Mana Battery Bitch said...

I wouldn't sweat it if I were you. I'm in a raiding guild now but back when I started I played for over 6 months without bothering with 'proper' guilds. I concentrated on figuring out the game, figuring out which class worked for me, making friends and gwtting most of my embarassing noobish mistakes over and done with. (Who wants to do those after you've joined a good guild, really?) Once I was on my 3rd character and around level 25ish I finally joined my friend's friend's raiding guild. Still in it today, though now I lead it. Better to build yourself a small foundation of knowledge in exactly what you want to do in this game and how, before you comitt yourself in any way to any serious guild.

Glad you like my blog! Being as how you're an Orc though, I can't help but wonder if there's some clever ruse in all this flattery. I'm gonna continue to bring my gnome mage bodyguards when I stop by your place. No offense of course :P