Monday, November 12, 2007

Talents and things.

I've been thinking fairly hard about respeccin' to Shield Specilization from Ancestral Knowledge. 5% more block seems huge compared to 5% more mana. Now... later on, when I'm grouping and using 2 axes or something I can see that the blocking will be pointless. But right here right now... yeah I love me shield.

And right after that I've already started doing: Thundering Strikes. I'm enhancement for the beatin with the axesticks. And more crits is more yummy.

But after I get that done... what to spend on until I get access to flurry....hmm....
Yeah so I looked again and smacked myself. Hard. With a rock. I mean 90% of the time I'm soloing or I'm 'tanking' for PrettyOrc. So the 5% dodge is what I'm wanting. I think. /whine I want to be level 40 so badly. Two axes. TWICE THE BEATSTICKERY. I cannot wait.

Anyways... thoughts are appreciated.

The Green stuff is edit. incase you thought it was a bunch of weee bitty orcs running around on your screen. Not that that wouldn't be cool. Cus who doesn't want more orcs.


Psycho & Chaos said...

Your tanking for a hunter why? No offense but let the pet tank, you will do better healing it and DPSing the mob.

Dammerung said...

No offense taken. The Big-Yellow-Raptor has more def and more hps than I.

But let me clarify:

By tanking I mean taking like 2 hits. I draw agro due to being awesomely damaging or from adds.

My dear pretty-orc has that fearlessness that hunters get and she tries to kill EVERYTHING at once... or wait is that me?... anyways the B.Y.R. can only keep agro on like 2 things at once.

I get the rest. Also when soloing.