Thursday, November 15, 2007


I have discovered the greatest way ever to fast leveling: plunk your character in the midst of a nice & big, frequently respawning, relatively high level mob (although I have been told that a mob is one monster, I mean mob as in lots of milling around monsters) and turn on your t.v. I have progressed from level 14 to 18 this way without really noticing and caught up with my favorite t.v. shows (yay 7th Heaven and A Baby Story!)

So I have more gold than my orc hubby. This is due to him sending me any auctionable stuff he picks up 'cause he doesn't like going to the auction house and I do. I like the gold plunking into my bags. It pains me to see it go. I have become Ebenezer Scrooge. Buying bags for my Blood Elf brother-in-law (hey little did I know that orc hubby had a multi-ethnic family) is too much to ask even though my other brother-in-law, also a Blood Elf (hee hee I got the brawny, good lookin' brother) supplied me with my bags and asked if I could help out by sending first b-i-l bags. Sigh. It is not gold that is sinful but the love of gold . . .

I have no more thoughts on the game of WOW for now.


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