Friday, November 16, 2007

The story.

So last night my wife and I tried Ragefire Chasm. It went pretty well. I only died 3 times

1: Solo I accidently pulled two elementals at once,
2: Susan our pet lizardthing agroed 5 trogg elites at once yay, 4 of which sprinted after PrettyOrc, when I made my presence known they screamed in horror at my face and hit it repeatedly with stone axes,
3: "So do you want to drop down and kill square, x and skull?" "Sure that sounds good" "Okay! CHARGE!" "Baaaabe... why are you leaving me down here to die to these three cavemen?" "Oh! One second!... bah their just inside my no arrow zone... I'll just bac--" <lava blurps>

At this point a Troll hunter and a high ranking member of the Blood Knights wandered by and offered us a chance to go kill some moonelf druids. I think the Bloodknight only wanted us there to carry the loot. He certainly didn't need our help.

But that is okay because I picked up this VERY SMEXY jacket off of one of the jerkface druggies in the caverns. I also found out that if you bribe moocow druid people with gems they'll give you awesome staff weapons and say they like you alot.

And PrettyOrc found this bow that automatically poisons people every so often. Its handy. Like a scorpid you can carry around that shoots people.

Oh wait... I died another time last night too. I'm just walking to Camp Cow-ro-who and this jerkface(my new favorite word) moonelf(may have been human) with silver dragon wrapped around her face attacked me. I'm pretty tough for an Orc in his 16th(at the time) season but I can't take out a 24th season warrior. Oh and she brought at least 1 possibly two friends so they could dance on my corpse. I hate them longeared freaks. They should stay outa my barrens.

I think we're going to try Ragefire again next time we're on. Those stoneaxe dummies shoved PrettyOrc into the lava and well... there are some things an orc just doesn't take.

Thats all for now folks.


p.s. I'm trying to come up with a good set of rules to live by with regards to looting. For example [Awesome] [Don't you want me?!] and [Cool] drop. Now I am a shammy and only shammy's have the skill (Be Awesome) so obviously for me [Awesome] is a must have, so I choose (need) . This is a no brainer. But [Don't you want me?!] is something I can use and so can a hunter but its not a bow or nothing. Infact its a two handed weapon. Should I chose (need) or (greed)? I'm thinking as long as it isn't something that obviously belongs to another class(like a bow to a hunter) I can chose (need) if I want it and will use it. BUT [Cool] is just something I want. I might use it sometimes but I just as likely might sell it. I think chosing (greed) is okay in this case but I thought maybe I should just pass since its not something I will deffinitly use. Anyways... thoughts appreciated.

Oh and because this is green its an edit :p.


Elistana said...

Hahaha. Nicely written. That's a story for the little orclings around the campfire for sure :)

Azaghalor said...

Hey Dammerung,

Nice blog. I have a cow shaman at 22, stopped there, but maybe i'll pick it up some time.

About loot rules, I usually select Need for any upgrades, when someone else needs and I cant use it or when loot will be disenchanted I Pass, otherwise I Greed and sell the item to a vendor. When you and someone else both want an item just Need and let luck decide.