Wednesday, November 14, 2007


So I was walking around Crossroads the other day. Yeah that town out in the middle of nowhere where you get your last supplies before spending days walking to Camp Taurajo, or whatever the Tauren call it. Anyways I was there shopping for leather and things for my Most-Beautiful-Green-One and I heard this rumor that the weaponmaster in Ogrimmar had made a change in policy. A huge change.

He was accepting Shaman into his BIGBEATSTICKAXES classes at ANY AGE. You no longer had to wait till your 20'th season(longer for some) any Shaman at any age could learn to use BIGBEATSTICKAXES. Now needless to say this excited me a lot because I've always wanted a BIGBEATSTICKAXE like PrettyOrc.

I couldn't remember why I was in this town but -BIGBEATSTICKAXES!-

Next thing I knew I was talking to Mr. BIGBEATSTICKAXES guy in the city that let me train
BIGBEATSTICKAXES and ....(drool)

(shakes himeslf and wakes up)
Gah! Sorry. My mind has been going recently. So now I have a new skill so I went out to test out my BIGBEATSTICKAXE and WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I love it. Oh how I love it. I am so glad that Mr. BIGBEATSTICKAXES guy changed his mind and let Shaman learn BIGBEATSTICKAXES.

yeah so thats it.

Who am I kidding let me say it again


yeah so see you guys when I get off work.


p.s. That number in the title is my highest white damage ever on this character. Guess what it came from :P

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Stale said...

Nice! at that lvl 133 is pretty good.

I was cheering the other day when my rogue crit for over 4000 lol :P

You will get there soon.