Friday, November 9, 2007

Some level 12 thoughts.

Wow. The first two 'rounds' of every fight I own. Lots of boom. Hopefully it dies before round 3 though. Thats when my damage drops, mostly due to my mana all going away.

This is how all my fights from level 11 to level 12 went:

1) Target mob and start melee autoswing attack(mob is about 25yds? away at this point)
2) Toss up stoneskin(mob is level 13+)... Toss up str+totem(mob is level 12 or less)
3) If I don't forget cast lighting shield. If I do then cast lighting strikespellthingy.
4) Do whatever 3 did not do.
4.5) Cast fire instacast spell.
5) Toss up fire totem that repeatedly blasts the mob.
6) If racial fury skill is up use it.
7) End round 1.
8) Watch all those things hit the mob a 2nd time.
8.5) If have mana cast earth instacast spell.
9) End round 2.
10) If mob is not dead then at this point my lightning balls are gone, my mana is tappedish, and I've lost about 1/2 my hps.

Ideas to fix this before playing next:

1) GET A FREAKIN SHIELD.... I swear I cannot find any right now and its frusteratin.

2) Double check that all my leather armor is up to date.

3) Possibly swap fire totems to the AoE one for more burst damage.

4) Currently i'm using the earth weapon buff. I think maybe the flamestrike buff will do more damage.

5) Mostly this is just tweaking. The only mobs I had issues with were level 14 zebra's, and they would go down pretty quickly. I just worried because I'd have low hps and no mana at the end of the fight.

Well thats it for a status update:
Level 12 now.
Cooking 80
Fishing 51
Skinning ??(more but I don't know how much more)
Mining 35(yeah I dumped tailoring after I comparing some prices).

Night folks.


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