Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Last minute realizations - nonWoW related.

I was on my way to bed when I suddenly realized that 90% of the places I would currently link are videogame or webcomic related.

Now this isn't a bad thing. Nosiree I'm not saying that. But it disturbs me? It unsettles me. I like my WoW. I like my spacemercenaries. But I don't want to just be that. I also like my Kipling and my Snark hunting. I like my hymns and I like worship. I like my history.

BUT. I don't do any of those things on the web. The internet, a large tool for so many people, is purely a place of leisure for me.

Maybe this blog will help change that. I am a procrastinator pure and simple. But right now... an hour after my usual bedtime I have the odd hope that if I steadily and consistantly blog, then I will want to design my own website. And if I design my own website, then I will want to learn pearl, .net, and other PC based langauges. Heck I might even slowly slide towards starting my own business... or at least going back to college to finish my degree.

Well...thats the vague dream. Honestly my actual goals are much smaller:
1) Get the **** out of debt.
9) Get my shaman to level 40.
2) Spend plenty of time and energy with my orclette.
1.5) Spend more time and energy with my OOOMAMA smexy brunette Orc hunter.
3) Keep the house clean.
4) Stay physically active
5) Don't eat too much sugar.
6) Don't get lazy at work.
7) Level fishing to that number that is the max for things like fishing.
8) Help my wife be the best Mother, Hunter, Runner, Student, and Woman she can be.
10) Make new friends....keep in touch with old ones.

yeah I could go on more....but thats it for now.


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Dawn said...

Hey Kerry. I found this on the comment on Amy's blog. :) Hope all is going well. If you and Becca are in town over Thanksgiving visiting her parents, holler at me. I'd love to have you over for a little visit.