Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thinking Thoughts on a Thursday

I wish shoulder plates were toggleable like helmets and capes. All these poor level 70's with shoulders so tall that no one can see their face unless they are flying directly over head.

This morning I woke up and expressed my shock that someone had ACTUALLY READ what I wrote. My younger brother(a female blood elf hunter) said sarcasticly "They are BLOGGERS. This is what they do." I suppose. But my inner 10 year old is still estatic that someone on the interweb noticed me.

Bags!... Bags! How I hate not having bags. Yer out killin the boarpigs and the pinkskins and the scorpids....and you kill like HALF of one and you have no more space. I swapped to this server because my youngest brother(a female blood elf paladin) wanted to play with some friends of ours who already have an established guild. BUT WHERE ARE THE BAGS?

I feel like a pirate without rum.

I did find a bag off of a wild icky near that cave where all us wittle orclings start at, but then my wife stopped killing boarpigs, and looked over at me all cutelike with boar guts on her axe and grunted sweetly and OH CRAP SHE TOOK MY BAG.(okay so I gave it to her but if she looks like that it might as well be stealing for all the power I have).

Now I'm back to beatin on things with my rockstick and wishing I had a bag.

At least I have shoes now.

Well thats all for now.


p.s. How the heck do you appease an enranged demon using blogger? Maybe I should ask the awesome squishy who wrote this. Now thats someone who knows how to handle people.


TJ said...

Oh, SUPER. Gnomes aren't icky. Is that a short joke, or are you just calling me an icky?

Dammerung said...


I thought you were a gnome lock.

Seriously I did.

I was trying to clarify that you -weren't- icky.

TJ said...

Well you just can't win today, can you!

Ratshag said...

You ain't never gonna win, 2.5 . Sorries.

On the subject of toggleable shoulders:
1) Peripheral vision is for the weak.
2) After this summer's horrifying shoulder shrinkage epidemic, I's glad to have me big shoulders back.

Kinzlayer said...

Take advantage of the fact that a lot of people will be power leveling their Engineering to get their planes as well as people still leveling their JC, mine copper veins and skin them leather, sell it on the AH and make them GOLDZ. Seriously, my Dwarf hunter, just turned level 15 this morning before work, is now the proud owner of 3x 16 sloters... 2 of which I paid for with my own goldz before a buddy helped out... but that's 15 goldz as well as some spare to buy training with. I love DWARFs btw, I know I hate Alliance on my Kinzlayer but my very first character in WoW was a dwarf warrior, wow how i learn not to level a warrior solo... painful memories.