Thursday, November 8, 2007

Yay some psuedo dings.

Level 9.1 now. Yay...this time it wasn't the orclette's agro bustin chops method that slowed me down. Instead of getting smarter and bigger as fast as I can... I did this


Fishing 48
Skinning 58?(i can't remember how much but it was between 40 and 60.)

Also that smexy green lady with the tight leather shirt that bounces when she's filling trolls with sharp pointy death managed to slaughter enough tigers and raptors to get to 10 and qualify herself for a pet. Not yet sure what she'll get but hopefully it will be something suitably a raptor.

Well I'm going to stop for now.

Think green and mean.


I also managed to get myself some spiffy level 2ish pants pulled right outa the water in a box. Who puts pants in a box? This is obviously some Troll's idea of a good idea. "YAARR I BE TROOOOLL. I NO WEAR PANTS. MAYBE I SHOULD PUT THEM IN A BOX. OH NOES MY PANTS ARE IN A BOX. WHAT SHOULD I DO? I WILL THROW IT INTO THE OCEAN FOR AN ORC TO FISH UP."

Poor confused trolls. Now I'm wearing their pants.


Ratshag said...

You can find the dangest things fishing. Mostly you just find fish (or skulls, if yer in Undercity) but sometimes you get troll pants.

And grats to the missus. 10th season is when hunters go from bad warriors in crappy armor to invincible killing machines.

Kinzlayer said...

lol, i think hunters are my favorite class to level.

Just curious, why are you doing tailoring? for bags?

Dammerung said...

Well sortof... me and the missus always have cloth laying around and well... I figured I'd use it.

Sides if I ever go healing/elemental I might want one of those crafted BOP items I've heard 'bout.

But no real reason.

Currently my dorkish younger brother, the blood elf female paladin is trying to beat me into swapping to mining/herbalism or something junky like that.