Wednesday, November 7, 2007

There are PEOPLE! on this here interweb.

Okay so I guess I knew that eventually someone -might- come along and read one of my posts. But ijustcreatedthisbloganhourago

I am just not specced for this. I don't have shadow resistance and there is no way in God's Brown Barrens that I can out run someone who probably has an epic mount and 100,000 times the mana I do.


Btw. Nice site update. It is a lot prettier. You know who you are.


TJ said...

... called me an ICKY.

Ratshag said...

I don't think she's gonna let it go, 2.5

BigBearButt said...

I dunno.... what I think Dammerung needs is more readers...

From the posts, I think he's fun as hell and I wish he and his wife were on my server... even if they are greenskins.

But I think if I drive enough people to his site, he'll crack.

And I'm bored at work today too! Time to adda new blog to my blogroll!


Kinzlayer said...

BBB, I do concur with you, I really like his style, his Orcness is very refreshing since a majority of the blogs I'm a fan of are written by you Alliance gankers... ok ok, not all you allies are high-level-ganking-scums but leveling as a clothie first just gives me nightmare when I a red nameplate coming out of the vapor... with a skull for levels. hehe, now if someone gank me with their level 70, i just bring my OPness and camp them.