Saturday, November 10, 2007


Yay for guilds. This is the first time ever that I've been part of one and I already see the many benefits to being in one. Guild members are passing along cool shinies, helping with quests, making armor or other stuff for guild members, etc. This will not come as a shock to those of you who have played video games or rpg's before but i am relatively new to the gaming world. Up until recently I did not know that a hunter's pet could learn Claw, Bite, and Dash. Is that sufficient to show my newbyness? Anyway, I have now posted as requested by my orcish hubby and have forgotten to pretend through my writing that I am also an orc. I look like an orc, all shortish and stockyish rather than long and leanish like the elves. Next time I'll try and talk like one.


(when she says she recently learned about bite dash and claw... let me give some perspective: She had already leveled 2 hunters to 38 and 35 and another to 21 and tons of level 10ish ones....but she never really knew to read sites like BRK and petopia. I showed her these sites and suddenly her already BM pet was killing way faster.)

[yeah... our guildies are awesome]


BRK said...


Does not know to read BRK? We're totally outraged, we are.


Dammerung said...


She does now!

No one told her they had hunter guides on the interweb!

Sides pouting is bad for you!


Dammerung said...

If it makes you feel any better I re-specced (sp?) my hunter according to your beast master guidelines and am totally thrilled with the results. And by the way this is Beowulfa not Dammerung.

Kinzlayer said...

If you haven't, you should check out those Crag Coyote found in the Badlands. These are the wolfs you find as you enter the Badlands from Loch Modan, right after you pass Uldaman on your right. Those wolfies have Bite 5 and Dash 1, very nice to learn their skills then release them back to the deserts. Also there are those nice prowling {whatever kind of cats} right near the area you find them wolfies with Prowl 1 which if you don't have already should get. Then you are good for a bit longer till mid-40s, I think.

Kinzlayer said...

oh and don't get them Elder Crag Coyote, only the Crag Coyote. Them Elders don't seems to know how to bite hard at all.