Friday, November 9, 2007

Music? Don't got no stinkin music!

Now I'm not opposed to a good warchant. And I absolutely love Bryan Boru's March when Beowulfa plays it on her warpipes. But seriously, I don't listen to music.

Heck when I'm out fishin' off Durotar's coast... there is no noise other than the ticking of some imaginary clock. I can't even hear the noise a voodootroll makes when I bop it with my rockstick.

So I've compiled my own list of things I like to hear that have nothing to do with the music I don't get to listen to.

Orclette's laugh.

Orclette's burp.

A ticking clock in an otherwise soundless room.

Three blind gnomes.

Good food frying in a pan.

The thunk of a dart hitting the dartboard.

Keys on a keyboard as someone is typing not to fast, not to slow but just right.

Beowulfa's laugh.


A cat purring.

A rotating fan on a hot day, with an engine running in the distance.

The squeak/creak of a hammock hung on a chain as you swing back and forth.

The sound of a tennis/baseball/golfball bouncing off the floor and off the wall and back to you.

The music(OOO I do listen to music) in The Great Escape.

Well thats about it for now.


(humming) Three blind gnomes... three blind gnomes... see how they run... see how they run.... my orcish wife she cut out their eyes with her hunting knife... three blind gnomes...

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