Wednesday, November 7, 2007

An Orc, A Plan, A Totem....and the fishing pole that ruined it all.

Hello to all new reader types! If there are any :P

My name is D--------. I currently play an Orc Shaman in World of Warcraft. My wife also plays an Orc(as always hunter). Our little half orc isn't quite yet crawling so for her to be playing anything would be a stretch. But she is an attention hog so she'll probably play a warrior.... she's already good at holding agro.

Why shaman? Well... I needed to be hybrid because well... it fits my play style. I like to be able to heal a fellow if they need it but I -way- prefer to melee dps. But what about Paladin you say? Let me tell you:

Yes your dear little platewearing undead hating psychopaths can almost not be killed...and wow yes they do have nice buffs for all the little people around you but... who likes not doing damage? Not I. Yeah yeah I know that some retrib paladins will tell me they do damage....but I played one to 32 and just can't do that anymore.

If you haven't noticed by now I have a bad habit of using a series of "." as commas/periods. Not just elipsis but any time I want to pause, I use them. Hopefully this will fix that.

Oh and I ramble... now back to my subject. Shaman yes, Paladin no. Druid? Let me quote my wife: "Yer big bear butt gets in the way." I tried to tell her about this cool bear druid I had read about but she was having none of it. If I'm going to play a druid I'll have to do so solo and on my own time.

Non-hybrid classes: Mage(tempting but no), Priest(I like healing... I hate the squishy), Rogue(maybe one of these days when I have a dedicated tan---nah who am I kidding...too intense for me), Warrior(If I want to play a tank I would go druidbear..if I want to do damage I'll go rogue...thats it), Hunter(PETSRULE... BOWS/GUNS STINK). I think thats it. If I forgot a horrible icky nasty class that makes my skin crawl you can't blame me :p.

Why blog? Because I found a ton of blogsites.... for druids... for hunters... a warrior or two... a priest... an icky... but no shamans.

So hopefully this will be a nice consistant place for me to post my WoW ramblings. And other comments.

Also I used to use/update but I lost my password, and a bad experiance with AT&T lost me my yahoo email that I signed up for the blog with, so I now have no way of signing in. So I've made copies of everything and am swapping over to here. Specially now that I'm turning this into a WoW based blog.

Oh and if you are one of the three people on the planet that I have not yet told.... my baby orclette can now hold her own bottle and can creep a good 5 feet(2 feet off her blanket) before crying!

Yay! She's leveling so fast :P.

Dear Mr. CoolerOrcThanI. Thank you for getting me started on fishing. Your descriptions of it made me hungry for trout from a muddy pond in the Barrens and now I have something ELSE to help keep me from ever reaching 70.

Well its well past my orclette imposed bedtime so I'm turning off Rockbiter and putting down my totems and crashing.

See you guys on the flip side.



TJ said...

Did you... did you just call me an ICKY?

Dammerung said...


How did you!?


Let me explain. My first online rpg game was this mud called retromud. In it the cultist guildclass summons demons.

Demons are icky.

Thus cultists are icky.

Thus Warlocks are Icky.


Please understand and forgive?

An incredibly embaressed Orc who had no clue someone could/would reply this fast.

Ratshag said...

Hehe. He called me "Cooler orc than I". I thinks. Not quite sure, 'cause the URL ain't quite right ...

Dammerung said...

That cool orc's link has been fixed.


kakalaki said...

as a fellow lock (and a hunter and upcoming druid) i would have to..

/slaps D with dueling glove

i do find your blog interesting to read, it's been bookmarked. i have lvl 33 shammy and i like to play her but i decided to go the tank/dps hybrid to lvl to 70.


BigBearButt said...

You gots to be careful with that, Dam... you ahve no IDEA how much trouble you'll get into if you even suggest that TJ is an icky... she's a stalker.

And her fans are rabid.

Oh wait, I'm a fan... yeah, it's still true. [foams at mouth].

I love your writing style... it's fun. It's also shocking when I follow alink from someone else's site and see my blog linked, but you camouflaged it well, so I'm very happy.

And I still think it's hilarious... I betcha TJ was checking her traffic reports, saw she'd been linked from you... went reading this nice person's article that linked to her... and saw herself called an icky. ROFLMAO!!!!

Wildhermit said...

Woot! A shaman blog to read now, and another orc... let us just hope you meet the Ratshag standard of orc speak :)

As far as TJ goes, better you calling her an Icky than me lol

Kinzlayer said...

I came over from TJ's blog and as BBB has said, she has a huge fan base so how dare you call my goddess "icky"... ok, that sounds like what a stalker might say... glad i'm not the only one who likes to pause with "..." I blame the recent post TJ had put up about her stalker... and I'm starting my hunter so I'm practicing.

I hope to see some good stuff on Shammy love. I have a shammy waiting for me to love him once I level my Pally/Hunter/Warrior to 70. I have resolved to not start/play another alts before I get these current three to 70.

Psycho & Chaos said...

If I were you sir, I would duck and run. For low it is said: To temp the wrath of the TJ is doom.

Great read and linked up to you.

Mana Battery Bitch said...

I ain't no honor guard of TJs, I'm just here for the entertaintment.


BigBlueVoidwalker said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Scribbl said...




You just called on the pain I fear ;) TJ's minions are coming... Your doom approaches.

I have a Warlock too, mine's a gnome. Mini-Icky?

Dammerung said...

Thanks for the input guys.

And for any links.

I appreciate it.

Wildhermit and kinzlayer hopefully I'll actually have -real- shammy info soon.

Currently I solo a lot with ORCLETTE loaded, so I'm only level 6(after one night playing). She'll tie up my keyboard hand which...well drops your xp/hr by about 60%. (Facts provided by Orc Shammy bumm.)

Edited as an afterthought from coming down from a caffeine high

Wildhermit said...

No pressure at all Dammerung, just keep the orc humor coming and I will keep coming back :)

Between you and Ratshag, I expect lots of orcy goodness...

YerrikTheRealBad said...

Do I know you?

Beowulfa said...

I'm not sure do you ?