Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Things that happened this weekend.

Someone keeps making me want to play a warrior

The Orclette had cake. She wasn't very enthused. However, the phone her Great Grandma got her rocked her world. Sigh aka. Moonsongdown aka her ungle(ugly uncle) isn't very enthused but we dont' care because annoying him is joy. And Orclette repeatedly mashing the play the sing-a-song-about-phone-calls button brings me joy.

Wulfa did kara.

Me and Ishvi had this long drawn out discussion about paladin tanking. I've concluded he might have a clue what he's doing. Which is a scary new thing. Oh and he went and got uncrushable after telling me yesterday that he wasn't. I was all prepped to argue with him about it too. He claims he told me yesterday he was but hadn't been for kara...but I think we all know he's younger than me and thus not as trustworthy about things.

We got linked! I'm jazzed.

I got to 44 on my druid. My new 2nd highest ever toon. I ranted and raved about how I want to play a level 50+ shaman more than my druid. Then I went back to Boomkin-ing.

I got lucky. In 2 runs of mara(one was an hour pug that wiped twice and only killed 3 bosses). I got the following:

oh and this dropped while farming inbetween the two runs:

Life is fairly happy. Tonight I write up some RL papers and apply for some things. Yay and joy.

Oh this was written on monday but will post Tuesday.


Mama Druid said...

You've been on my blogroll silly! I just happened to call your blog out in my post about non-raider blogs. :)

Dezdemone said...

You're a braver woman than I, I cant handle the noisy toys LOL I guess I am with Ungle hehehe. Ah well, the joys of motherhood, maybe once I get there I won't mind them so much.